“INFLATABLE SWAMP”—- The Desire for Contact

inflatable poster

“Inflatable Swamp”

The Desire for Contact

Amos Lassen

Matt is a lonely young gay man in his late twenties who has the desire to meet someone for a relationship. Meanwhile, he is obsessed with carnal desire using it to cover his feelings for being alone. It takes Luke for him to find a way to bring love and pleasure together.

This short film is sexually frank and many will argue about it. Director William Feroldi shows us Matt who catalogues the various men he has had sex with. There is a good deal of male frontal nudity.


Little is said here but there is a message about safe sex but someone homoeroticism seems to be missing. This is about desire and the narrative shows us a man who is forced into relating to another man and seeing the person and not just the penis.


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