“The Joy of Atheism” by Daniel Curzon—- “The Unholy Bible of Non-Belief”

the joys of atheismCurzon, Daniel. “The Joy of Atheism “, IGNA , 2014.

“The Unholy Bible of Non-Belief”

Amos Lassen

Daniel Curzon must know when I need cheering up because this new book was perfectly time to give me a boost. The title is a bit misleading since the book is not about atheism directly. It is actually a compendium that aims at getting rid of religious beliefs and I do not remember having this much fun with a book in a long time. Using as his sources “The Holy Bible”, “The Penguin History of the World”, “The History of the World in One Volume” and so on, Curzon uses the facts supplied as well as other facts from a lifetime of religious indoctrination to “rephrase and rearrange” everything as much as possible. The result, to me at least, is hysterical but I am fairly sure that the multitudes will not agree. What Curzon gives us is the unholy bible of non-belief.

Let me just cite some of what we have here:

“Sign of the Cross—making the sign of the cross that Jesus of Nazareth died on before or after hitting a home run is a sign of poor sportsmanship because it one ups the other players who think God is on their side.” Curzon then asks “if competing signs of the cross cancel each other out.”

“Bible—a book so holy that to read it carefully purifies the brain and eliminates critical thought. According to Tim Schmeyer in “Bible Study”— ‘After the living food of God’s word is chewed (observation) and digested (interpretation) it is then sent to various parts of the body that need it.’ Exactly when this word of God turns into feces is not spelled out, but, if you start an analogy, finish it. The Bible justifies slavery, since even Jesus bade slaves to be obedient to their masters”.

“Judaism—the religion of the Jews, which shows great patience in waiting for the Messiah, or possibly great impatience, depending on one’s point of view because nobody is good enough to be the Messiah. Unfortunately often pronounced ‘Judy-ism’, leading many to think that it is a cult devoted to the worship of Judy Garland, an American entertainer [who was not Jewish but she married a Jewish man]. At least it is not a missionary religion.”

Now this is just a taste—there is so much more and while some consider this to be anti-religion and disrespectful, I say. “get a life” and get this book. It is all fun (I think). I have to get back to it now so we’ll discuss it more later.

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