“Rookies: Gay Erotic Cop Stories” edited by Shane Allison— Sleazy and Sexy in Blue


Allison, Shane (editor). “Rookies: Gay Erotic Cop Stories”, Cleis Press, 2014.

Sleazy and Sexy in Blue

Amos Lassen

There is something about a uniform that is a turn on for many and a police uniform even more so because it means playing with the forbidden. Shane Allison has always been my man to go to for erotica and once again he gives us a hot and steamy read—well actually he gives us 17 hot and steamy reads in his new edited anthology about the men in blue. Many of us are charmed by newbie’s—the innocence is always a challenge and when that newbie is a rookie cop, as you imagine, it is that much hotter. To quote Allison:

“Rookie cops are irresistible — wet behind the ears, still a little innocent, and oh-so eager! These hot young cops are fresh out of the police academy and ready to learn the ropes. Between the buzz cut and chiseled jaw, those bulging thighs under tight blue serge, and the cool mirrored glasses that reflect unbridled lust in the eyes (and other body parts), they are the sexiest thing on wheels. Maybe it’s the promise of punishment at the end of a nightstick or perhaps it’s the sheer pleasure of transgression, of getting down and dirty with a man who’s supposed to enforce the law but seems more interested in the perp than in his crime”. He says it so much better than I can. With stories from Rob Rosen*, Johnny Murdoc, Bearnmuffin*, Gavin Atlas*, Logan Zachary*, Gregory L. Norris, Eric Del Carlo, d. Fostalove, Salome Wilde*, Martha Davis, Andy McGregor, T. Hitman*, Michael Bracken, D.K. Jernigan, Landon Dixon, K. Vale, Max Vos and Allison, himself, we see a variety of accomplished writes and new ones (new for me, at least). (I have reviewed those names with asterisks in the past).

Men in uniforms gain iconic status among gay men and here we get to see “the sexier, sleazier side of these masculine icons and working-class heroes from park rangers and policemen to MPs, security guards, and private dicks”.

We have stories about being busted (and busted again), campus police and so on and what all the stories have in common is hot sex and hot men. There is a little something for everyone hear but let me suggest you have a towel next as you read—to mop up the sweat from the heat of the stories, of course. I have said it before and many times but I feel compelled to add that Shane Allison has done it yet again.

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