“PIZZA SHOP: THE MOVIE”— Raunchy and Irreverent Fun

pizza shop

“Pizza Shop: The Movie”

Raunchy and Irreverent Fun

Amos Lassen

I recently received a request from Cole O’Bart to review his film, “Pizza Shop”. He let me know in the request that the movie was indeed irreverent and off-color. It stars Robert Bielfelt, Cian Patrick O’Dowd and Brett Buzek as it tells the story of what happens in the life of a pizza deliveryman. We see the competition that occurs between  workers and how customers are treated. Pete (Robert Biefelt) has been with the shop a long time and we see him having to deal with a new deliveryman, Jason (Cian Patrick O’Dowd) and this begins a battle between them as to who will cone out on top and who will leave and find a new job somewhere else.


Now I must admit that I was not prepared for what I was about to see and I had to keep reminding myself that it is all in fun and not to worry that I was having pizza for dinner. The film is strange and it will undoubtedly appeal to some people but certainly not to everyone unless we are sure that they like toilet humor and I mean that in every sense of the word, “toilet”. Here is a film that both makes you laugh and disgusts you and here you might just find out what happens between the time that a pizza leaves the restaurant and gets to the place where it was ordered.

I was reminded of a t-shirt I once saw a waiter wearing that said, “God Knows When You Don’t Tip” and when you watch this film you will understand exactly why I included that here.

There are some really good ideas here and this movie could have been so much better had the cast not been so wooden—you will not find any great performances here nor will you find a great plot (which I cannot describe except to say that you might worry before you order your next pizza). I can remember that as I was growing up, several friends who took jobs as waiters always seemed to have the desire to do something to a disrespectful customer’s food and that is the hint I give you about what happens here. I am sure that we have all noticed that those who order in seem to have a sense of entitlement that is lacking in those who are stuck preparing their meal (in this case, pizza). Not tipping is code for getting back at those who order and pay the exact amount. Here they are punished in ways that might cause you to stop ordering out.


We have quite a cast of characters here and they include a 97-year-old stripper, a serial killer, and an affection starved, full bodied ebony Amazon with a taste for chocolate syrup and young men. But the real action comes with getting back at a regular customer who orders pizza delivered on a regular basis but never tips the guy who delivers it. There is another aspect here and that deals with the struggle to be on top—whether that means getting the most tips and/or being the best liked by fellow workers. There are a few very funny moments here and I believe the film could have been that much funnier had it not dealt so much with toilet humor. I could be saying that because I am so old and knowing that the youth of today will find this very funny.

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