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“Peter Simon’s Through The Lens”

A Chronicle of Work

Amos Lassen

“Through the Lens” is a new DVD set which contains the exceptional work of photographer Peter Simon and in it he shares images from throughout his career broken down into different eras and topics including the new age movement, celebrities, urban decay, and reggae culture, as well as many others. If the name sounds familiar, Simon is Carly Simon’s brother who lives in Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts. He is also the same Simon as Simon and Schuster Publishing.

He works as a photojournalist and has captured legends and top historic events of an era and compiled them into a box set. “His work dates back from Woodstock through the present day” and he has said, I knew the world was unfolding in front of my eyes and I just had to go out their and shoot it like a crazed individual,” said Simon. He has documented Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, Jerry Garcia, Walter Cronkite, Steven Tyler, Larry David, Jackie Robinson and Bob Marley. 
Diane Sawyer says that Simon is “The ultimate photo documentarian of the boomer generation”.

Peter Simon has documented some of the world’s most historic events for over 40 years—“from the protest-filled 1960’s, hippie communes, nude beaches and the New Age Movement to the greatest names in Rock n’ Roll, Reggae, Pop music; the action of Major League Baseball and the majesty of Martha’s Vineyard”.

Simon speaks openly and honestly about his photographic art, privileged background, alternative lifestyle explorations, and an addictive personality that finally got the better of him and affected his relationships with family and friends. “He discusses his humiliating run-ins with the law; harrowing stays at various jails and rehabilitation centers; and most importantly, his present day to day commitment to recovery from alcohol”. This is quite a look at his days of pot and roses; and on to recovery road, “a road he now walks upon with grace”.

This is a two DVD set and it contains over 300 images and many interesting stories from behind the scenes. We follow history as Peter documents through his photographs. 



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