“Fractured” by Mickie B. Ashling— Two Men: Different Backgrounds


Ashling, Mickie B. “Fractured”, Dreamspinner, 2014.

Two Men: Different Backgrounds

Amos Lassen

Roque (Ro) Celdran is a member of a family of migrant workers but dreams of a better life. He is also the kind of guy that chases his dreams so he moves to San Francisco to study landscape design. He doesn’t have a lot of money and when he finds himself short of money, his twin brother, Tony, has a plan for him. Tony spends time in a gay bar and hears that the BDSM community is looking for men to become submissive to several men who are training to become dominants similar to what you might find on websites such as https://www.hdtubemovies.xxx/. Ro decides to give it a try and becomes a bit involved in the world of BDSM and this will be extremely helpful to him later. When Ro needs some dental work done he goes to see Lance Roberts, a new dentist with the dental practice begun by Scott Gregory and Robin Kennedy. Ro certainly was not expecting to connect to the dentist. Lance is one of those guys who seem to have it all—he is super intelligent, very good-looking and determined to succeed as a dentist. But what many do not know is that Lance is a Dom who is obsessive and has the need to be in control. He is in search of a sub who will conform to those demands. Ro is attracted to white men and Lance has a weakness for Latinos but neither man has ever had much luck in the pursuit of finding what they are looking for until…

Tony and Ro have always been close but lately Ro has had a difficult time with Tony’s involvement in BDSM and his desire to find his own master. Ro finds it hard enough to be a minority (Latino) in the culture of white men and has had some bad experiences but he is determined to rise above them. On the other hand, Lance seems to have always had an easy life and gotten what he desires but he suffers from OCD and he has had to hide his sexuality from friends. His sexual relationships have been with people who have worked for his family where is was natural for him to be dominant. But these relationships (or better referred to as “tricks”) have not fulfilled him and he always felt a sense of inequality. When he meets Ro, he is immediately excited about meeting someone that is on the same footing as himself.

Here is a novel that deals with ethnicity and the way it is dealt with in our community. Ro proves to be a genuine guy when we read how he deals with Lance’s OCD and we see how much he takes care of Lance when he suffers from panic attacks. The two men are able to establish a relationship that is fair to both and we all know that a relationship must include compromise and we see that here. The two men find romance with each other but (there seems to always be a “but”) because of Tony seemingly to get in trouble all of the time, we feel a sense of strain.

We always want to read about men who are able to come together and last through a happy ending but Ashling shows us that happy endings do not just happen and that they are a result of give-and-take. Both Lance and Ro have to deal with their own issues in order to make things work and they do. When we first read about Lance, we learn that he is in search of a sub but it also must be a sub that can deal with his compulsive behavior. Ro is really not into BDSM but Tony convinces him to give it a try. Maybe Ro did some more research about BDSM on websites similar to shemalehd sex. I really do not think that BDSM is what this is about. Rather, I see it as two opposites finding each other and dealing with their and each other’s feelings.

I began reading Mickie Ashling’s writings a few years ago and am always glad when she published a new book. We sense the research she does and she always manages to produce a story that is well written and has wonderful character development. I do not know much about the lives of Doms and Subs and I learned something here but more important, I had the chance to read a really good book.

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