“ANDY, GO-GO BOY”— Amos Writes About Andy


Barnaby, J.P. “Andy, Go-Go Boy” (Working Boys #2),  Wilde City Press, 2014.

Amos Writes About Andy

Amos Lassen

Andy Finnegan (I have always wanted to read a LGBT novel where the main character is named Andy so I could one day use the title above) is a hunk. He is an ex-Marine  who now has a career (if you can call it that) as a dancer at a gay bar and he also has a very dark side as you will see. Stefan is in love with Andy who barely knows that he exists, However Stefan is determined to meet Andy, the man and not Andy, the dancer.

Andy is angry and he goes out of his way to keep himself set apart and aloof. When he does hook up with someone, it is for a short period of time and only on his terms. He had once been vulnerable and is making sure he will be vulnerable again. He wants to work as a porn in the gay film industry because it is fast money and sex with no strings attached. We meet him on the night that Nick Hartley, a porn producer is coming to the club to watch him dance and Andy knows that this could be his big break.

What Andy does not know is that there are two men who want to ruin this chance for Andy— Dunker, a former Marine buddy who is upset that Andy is doing what he does and wants him to get a real job and the other is Stefan who reminds Andy of someone special who is no longer in his life. Stefan does not realize what he is getting involved with; he has already seen a bad side of Andy.

J.P. Barnaby is a very clever writer. She presents Andy to us in a way that we think of him as selfish, strict and self-centered; the kind of guy we should want to stay from. I did not even stop to think that there might be a reason for Andy acting as he does. Then little by little, we learn about him and we begin to look at him differently and by the time the read is over, we change our minds completely.

Stefan is a nice guy and Andy feels that he looks a lot like Vince, his Marine partner and this is a problem for him in that falling for Stefan would throw a wrench into his career plans. Andy’s feelings for Stefan (that he does let Stefan sense) are in opposition to his plans to make money and have a good life. Besides, he also knows that lovers and porn do not mix.

I am not saying anymore about the plot because to do so would be to ruin the read. I will say that the prose is crisp and the plot is wonderfully rendered by J.P. Barnaby who never disappoints.