THE discovery of eilleen

“The Discovery Of Eilleen Twain”

Shania: The Early Years

Amos Lassen

Shania Twain originally began performing in Canada as Eilleen Twain and in this newly released DVD; we see the documentary about that period. We also get a bonus CD with Eilleen Twain singing ten songs. As Eilleen, Shania got her first break in the 1980s in Viva Vegas, a legendary Vegas style resort show produced by Brian Ayers at Deerhurst Inn Resort in Ontario, Canada.

Vegas North brings revealing interviews with former cast members and music veterans of that era, taking you back to Eilleen’s roots along with footage of her heartfelt renditions of “Somewhere Out There” and ”Somewhere Over The Rainbow.”

On the CD, entitled “Eilleen Twain: Beginnings 1989-1990” are ten re-mastered songs from Shania’s early career. The tracks are just what the title indicates: the beginnings – tunes intended to be used as demos to help draw attention to a young and struggling singer who would become a country diva known and loved around the world. The music is more rock, power pop, and adult contemporary than country, fitting into the late 80s just as they should have when they were recorded.