“The Odd Fellows” by Guillermo Luna— Friendship, Love and Truth

the odd fellows

Luna, Guillermo. “The Odd Fellows”, Bold Strokes Books, 2013.

Friendship, Love and Truth

Amos Lassen

The Odd Fellows is a secret society which was founded in 1819 and demands vows of friendship, love and truth. Two members, Joaquin Moreno and Mark Crowden have a strange relationship and do not adhere to the vows. But they are friends and decide to open a bed and breakfast in San Felipe, Mexico in an old Victorian mansion. They head off to Mexico with another friend, Theodora and Mister Dangerous, Joaquin’s dog. When they arrived in Mexico, they meet Felix De La Santos, a realtor and Lord Leighton, a traveling Englishman who are their first guests. In the following eight days, all that could go wrong did and there is a boding evil that is determined to do away with them.

The title led me to believe that this was going to be about the two main characters and in effect it deals with friendship but there is so much else. Author Luna splits the narration between Joaquin, a nice, quiet guy whose faith in God does not waver, Mark, a smug narcissist, and Theodora, a highly-opinionated bitchy woman. I like the idea of hearing the story from different perspectives.

There is a great deal of detail and the story moves very slowly. I have never read anything by Guillermo Luna and I am not sure why this is classified as gay literature because I really did not see that here. I am really undecided as to how I feel about the book so rather than give an opinion that might change tomorrow; I will let you be the judge.


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