“Baja Honeymoon” by Roland Graeme— A Honeymoon without a Wedding

baja honeymoon

Graeme, Roland. “Baja Honeymoon”, Dreamspinner Press, 2013.

A Honeymoon without a Wedding

Amos Lassen

Sometimes the best laid plans become “unlaid”. Rick Decareau (aka Deke Rowe) was all ready to marry his lover until he found out that he cheated on him and the wedding was not to be. However, the honeymoon was still enticing and Rick decides to have it anyway. They had planned to go to Baja and Rick feels Mexico beckoning. He invites Ken Bollinger, his neighbor, to join him. He figures they are good enough friends and, besides, he was really not looking for romance.

However Rick had no idea that Ken, who is promiscuous, had any feelings for him. It seems that Ken thinks Rick is straight so the two go away with no expectations. The trip was long and little by little the men become close and Ken manages to seduce Rick. Ken thinks that Rick is rebounding and both men wonder if the way they enjoy each other when they return home.

I really wanted to like this book and the writing is good but the whole situation is implausible. What begins as something of romance becomes an erotic read and I would have preferred knowing what was going in the minds of the characters rather than in the pants. Sex is great but I was hoping for more.


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