“A Special Kind of Folk” by Barry Brennessel— Six Tales of Torment and Revenge

a special kind of folk

Brennessel, Barry. “A Special Kind of Folk”, MLR Press, 2013.

Six Tales of Torment and Revenge

Amos Lassen

What a nice surprise to receive a copy of Barry Brennessel’s new collection of short stories. For the last couple of weeks, I have been engrossed in academic texts and serious reading and I felt I had to take a break but could not decide what to read, especially since I tend not to like to read short stories. This collection allowed ne to forget everything and become involved in the stories mainly because they invalidated my negative feelings short stories and because each was interesting, (dare I say diabolical?) and fun.

“Revenge is a dish best served with a little bit of spice, three dashes of magic, and a whole lot of flair”.  So says Barry Brennessel and that is what you will find here. It is the torment added to the revenge that makes it such fun. We get family recipes, curses, hexes, secrets, thefts and this all happen to “a special kind of folk. Here are the tites of the six stories and they give you a clue to the diversity of what you will read:

Food & Spirits


Kill Them With Kindness

A Special Kind of Folk

All the Souls on Earth

Commedia dell’Arte

Stay tuned as I will be reviewing each story separately.


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