“ Beards – An Unshaved History”— Beards from the Gay Perspective

beards cover

Clark, Kevin. “ Beards – An Unshaved History”, Bruno Gmunder Verlag Gmbh , 2013.

Beards from the Gay Perspective

Amos Lassen

Did you ever wonder about how our community feels about beards? Kevin Clark answers that question and many others in “Beards—An Unshaved History”. He also looks at the clones of the 1970s and how clones reappear in the gay community of today. This beautiful coffee table book is loaded with beautiful photographs, interviews and facts about beards. There is a lot of history here and if you know the Bruno Gmunder publishing house, you know the level of quality that is synonymous with what they publish.

In the introduction by Giles Constable we get a history of beards and facial hair throughout history. I had never thought of it before so it was fascinating for me to learn that at different times, facial hair has had different meanings. I like that there are timelines in the book throughout and along with them are comments. We see photographs that show the eroticism of beards.

What really makes this book different is its historical approach. The text is lively and the read is pure pleasure. Add to that beautiful photography and it all comes together. You can always expect high quality gay themed books from Bruno Gmunder but they are expensive.


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