“AFTER THE SKY TURNED BLACK”— The Ravages of Terrorism

after the sky turned black

“After the Sky Turned Black”

The Ravages of Terrorism

Amos Lassen

A fascinating new short film, “After the Sky Turned Black” is about, Frankie, a photojournalist who was blinded in a terrorist attack and who picks up a guy in a bar and takes him home. During that night, secrets are exposed. We see here the physical and mental results of a terrorist bomb. Frankie had once been an extrovert and now he is blindly suffering. Most tend to close themselves off from the rest of the world. For Frank who was recording what happens when inhumanity reigns. While this is a gay themed film, it also says a lot about being in the wrong place at the wrong time and how that can change life forever. You must see this incredibly powerful short film. Ellis Watamanuk gives us an unforgettable film.


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