“Capital Games”— Competing

capital games

“Capital Games”


Amos Lassen

Steve Miller (Eric Presnall) is a tough ex-Los Angeles cop who quit the force so that he could find a nice quiet office job. Mark Richfield (Gregor Cosgrove) is the new kid at work who has found favor with the boss and his co-workers. Both men work at the same advertising agency. Steve is jealous of Mark who is new at work and it looks like he is going to steal a campaign from Steve.


Ilo Orleans directed this film about two men competing against each other. Then while on a work retreat, the jealousy turns to carnality and animosity is lost when the two men have sex. How this happened is a mystery since both men claim that they have never had sex with a man. The day after their liaison, Steve learns that Mark is engaged to a woman. Steve then begins his own campaign to win Mark over. We feel the tension between the two men yet there is also a tenderness that is intense. We see the conflicting feelings and we understand them. The two actors are totally believable in their roles. What is interesting is that Steve does not believe that Mark is straight and is determined to have him. He cannot help remembering that weekend retreat and how he felt. To say anymore about the film would destroy the surprise so I will simply recommend it.


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