“Light” by ‘Nathan Burgoine— Telepathic, Psychokinetic and Gay


Burgoine, ‘Nathan. “Light”, Strokes Books. 2013

Telepathic, Psychokinetic and Gay

Amos Lassen

Wyatt Jackson, a self-styled prophet met Kieran Quinn at Pride Week. Kieran possessed certain powers (telepathy and psycho kinesis) but he is not really adept at using them for much more than hiding behind. Eventually he wants to be his own man and things begin to change. But Kieran is a nice guy and others can’t help but like him. He grew up with his powers but really only played with them with his cat but he enjoyed used his telekinetic powers to produce light.

When he arrived at Ottawa Pride, he saw a group of fundamentalist (Church of the Testifying Prophet) haters led by someone that he named Stigmatic Jack who also seems to have telekinetic powers but he uses his powers to hurt others. Kieran decides to try his powers to stop him and protect his gay friends and creates a beautiful light show. He was soon known as Rainbow Man, a title he hated. After he did his first light show, he went to help on the guys that had been hurt by Jack—Sebastien, one of the coordinators of Pride and an older leather man. Karen, Kieran’s friend and co-worker constantly tried to set him up on dates but when Kieran met Sebastien something happened and there was a bit of romance. He even tells Sebastien about his powers. Kieran decided that he was going to spend Pride Week trying to be Jack’s foil and stop him before he does any real damage. However, he is not totally in control of his powers and he blames himself for not learning more about what he can do.

Kieran never hid his sexuality and he even works as a gay massage therapist. It was only natural that he would use his powers to help defend his gay community and therefore places himself up against Jack. Personally I am not a reader of stories with paranormal themes but “Light” really captured me. Because of my own feelings toward the paranormal that I could have missed something and one particular character, the Miracle Woman, just did not speak to me. Otherwise for a first novel, this is a commendable read.

The character of Kieran is beautifully developed as are all of the characters. But this is a book about Kieran who we see as a superhero who is just like anyone else, a guy who dates and plays with his beloved cat. Using the themes of romance and love as well as the paranormal this is a fascinating read.


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