“The Gospel Of Kink: A Modern Guide To Asking For What You Want And Getting What You Ask For” by Richard Wagner, PH.D., ACS

the gospel of kink

Wagner, Richard. “The Gospel Of Kink: A Modern Guide To Asking For What You Want And Getting What You Ask For”, Nazca Plains, 2013.

A Workbook

Amos Lassen

Even though most people will not admit it, we have a kinky streak inside of us. Some allow it to surface while others will hide it all through their lives. For those who are willing to deal with it, this book is perfect—it is a workbook that shows us how to deal with our kinkiness and make it a part of our lives. We learn how to free ourselves from what society deems are the only right and proper ways to live these days and offers us new ways to enjoy life.

Using ten fictional characters, we see them as partners in learning all about those activities that are regarded to be kinky. We are welcomed into alternative culture via exercises and discussions. It is the sharing between the fictional characters and the readers that makes this such an easy read that is filled with ideas.

This is unlike any book you have ever read and I believe that is because the reader becomes a character and experiences what the book is all about. Because the book is interactive, we as readers are presented with various and diverse situations that occur as we learn how to deal with kinkiness and what results because of this.

Some of what the book deals with includes communication, dealing with relationships and how to keep things new and active. We learn so much just by taking a personal alternative relationship inventory. It is through this that we discover where we stand in relationship to others and to society.

As I read, I found out that this book is for anyone and everyone who wants to learn about alternative lifestyles and finding a safe place to practice them. While we might think at first that this is a book for those who are already part of the kink community but it is actually for anyone who wants to try something new and for anyone who wants to better understand what is known as “the sexual fringe”. The introduction, “Getting Started” answers so many questions that we have and then we are taken by the hand and explore. Using a book like this can bring you to new heights of pleasure and therefore I wholly recommend it.

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