“Bartender, PI” by Ethan Stone— Starting Over

bartender PI

Stone, Ethan. “Bartender, PI”, Silver Publishing, 2013.

Starting Over

Amos Lassen

Linc Carpenter may not be the smartest guy on the block and he knows that. He has been banned from playing the sport he loves and he is really not good at his new job, bartending. However he does not seem to be much good at anything but then, he gets a chance at something new—being a private investigator. All he has to do is be able to prove that fashion designer Quentin Faulkner is cheating on his wife and he will have enough money to do what he wants.

There is just one problem—Faulkner’s bodyguard, Brady Williams. That’s not totally true—there is another problem—Linc has no idea what he is doing. Then he learns that Brady is attracted to him and does not just want a roll in the hay but something more serious.

In Linc, Stone gives us quite a character—a guy who just is lacking in education and common sense and is socially inept. But his lack of sense gives him a certain charm. However, we realize that what Linc does not have in sense, he does have in instinct and he is honest. His intentions may not seem good but they are honest and he comes across as a big teddy bear you cannot help but love.

But there is a surprise coming and I am not about to let on what it is. We may wonder what Brady sees in Linc and I suppose it is the same things as I feel. We see that Linc, who we have thought to be simple, manages to solve the case and his use of metaphors is delightful (none of which really make any sense).

So if I have to use just one word to describe this book, it would be a toss-up between cute and adorable and that’s alright. It is good to be entertained once in a while.

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