“The Queen’s Librarian” by Carole Cummings— A Fun Fantasy

the queen's librarian

Cummings, Carole. “The Queen’s Librarian”, Dreamspinner Press, 2013.

A Fun Fantasy

Amos Lassen

Lucas Tripp is a simple man with simple tastes and desires. He just wants everyone to be happy and have enough money to live. He also wants to be able to spend time with Alex, his boyfriend. But then…Lucas finds himself in the middle of an unexpected adventure when his sister’s boyfriend, Declan Slade, suddenly disappears. A world of magic that was gone suddenly reappears as well as princes who had been missing along with magicians and woman who want to seduce Lucas also return.

Lucas is a good-natured guy who cares about others, especially his boyfriend. But all this is put on hold with the disappearance of his sister’s beau and the sudden appearance of first a strange man and then his cousin, a prince. Is it possible that a hundred year old mystery has returned?

While this story is totally unbelievable, it is a fun read that requires little thought. We find ourselves on an adventure (that we know will end when we close the book, but so what?) that introduces us to interesting and mysterious characters. We are on a fantasy trip replete with characters that are magical and lots of intrigue. The dialogue is smart while fantastic and the entire read is entertaining. Literarily the book is no great shakes but so what? I can’t help but wonder what Carole Cummings will bring us next.

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