“CHANGE” “A Day in the Life”

change poster


A Day in the Life”

Amos Lassen

Jamie (Sean McClam) is a young Black gay American and the focus of “Change”. We meet him and spend the day with him…but, this is not any day—it is the day Barak Obama is elected President and Proposition 8; the California initiative to eliminate same-sex marriage is passed. When a friend of a friend begins bullying an openly gay classmate, Jamie tries to stop but things get out of hand and he has to face his own fears. This sensitive film that examines Jamie’s own struggle with who he is has been picking up festival awards wherever it is being shown. It deals with LGBT rights, high school and peer pressure. The short 24 minute film causes the viewer to think about what he/she has seen long after it is over.


As Jamie sits and waits for the election results, there is a sense of uneasiness within him. He feels sure that Prop 8 will not pass so he concentrates on the Presidency and for a young African American; this is a very important day. When the celebrations begin, Jamie learns that the proposition did indeed pass and Jamie, like so many of us, is in a state of disbelief. We share Jamie’s emotions as he tries to deal with how he feels as he deals with the joy of a Black man being elected President and sorrow about the passage of Prop 8. We see what it is to be different and quickly joy can turn to violence. The acting is phenomenal and the screenplay is powerfully written.




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