“DES/ESPERANDO”— Two Characters, Little Dialogue, Long Silences, Good Movie



Two Characters, Little Dialogue, Long Silences, Good Movie

Amos Lassen

Javier (Fernando Quintana) and Gonzalo (Tom Colvin) are in a relationship but things are not going well for them. They go on a trip together and things don’t change. Their characters are ambiguous and we never really learn about the nature of their relationship.


Javier is a politician whose holds power and he is both loved and feared. He has a wonderful family, a beautiful wife and is very wealthy but he is not happy and he lies to stay at the top of his profession. His secret lover, Gonzalo and he go on a trip to Chile so that they can try to come to terms with what is not working for them. Javier has been struggling because of his career and also because he has a sense of guilt not only because he is cheating on his wife and living a lie but also because Gonzalo is so much younger than him.


Because of Javier’s career there are secrets and lies between the two and it is a wonder that the relationship has lasted as long as it has. Now it is just a question of time until it all blows up.


I really did not know what to expect from this movie. I had never heard anything about is and was not familiar with the Peruvian director, Erick Salas Kirchhausen. This is a short movie running a little more than hour but it says a great deal about lust and the fact that the past always catches up to the present and dishonesty can certainly cause a relationship to teeter and even crash. This is the story of two characters, with a few lines of dialogue and long silences that force the viewer to use all their senses to begin to understand what goes on between Javier and Gonzalo.

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