“People Who Disappear” by Alex Leslie— Coastal Stories

people who disappear

Leslie, Alex. “People Who Disappear”, Freehand, 2012.

Coastal Stories

Amos Lassen

Alex Leslie’s collection of coastal stories is set in inlets from oceans and city streets. The characters face disappearances and those disappearances are written about in beautiful prose. This is the writer’s first collection and has its flaws but it also has a great many surprises. Leslie writes about those who have lost their way, who have disappeared by their own hand or by accident and are either trying to find their way back or are satisfied to stay where they are. Many of her characters just enjoy always being on the move. The stories are short and subtle but we have here a writer who will not leave a stone unturned.

The landscape serves as a character in most of the stories and Leslie uses it to great advantage. She does something else here that is unique. Her stories are about gay people but the fact that they are gay is not what these stories are about.

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