“Trilogy: A Collection” by Prudence MacGregor— Three Paranormal Stories


MacGregor, Prudence. “Trilogy: A Collection”, Outskirts Press, 2013.

Three Paranormal Stories

Amos Lassen

Trilogy” consists of three stories with paranormal themes. In each tale, the main character lives in an ordinary world yet deals with extraordinary circumstances.

Parallelograms” is about Justine, a young woman who has her own share of troubles and then discovers that she has a double. She soon faces consequences she had not planned for which are terrifying and she loses control of her world.

Random” is about Ulyssa who finds the idea of releasing a balloon with a note to be intriguing. Of course, she wants to know where it lands and what seems to be such a simple and innocent activity turns quite dark and she finds that the world she thought she knew is in conflict with the world she is in.

Up There” is about Gregory, a simple office worker who finds the airplanes that he sees in the skies to be fascinating. He meets Sherry, a motivational speaker who might be connected to those planes and he soon learns that the game he played of watching planes and guessing their destination has now forced him to look at himself and his world and decide what is real and what is not.

This is quite a short book and I think that this is the reason it is powerful. Words are not lost and the brevity of the stories causes them to hit that much harder.




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