not suitable for children

Not Suitable for Children”

Planting the Seed

Amos Lassen

Jonah (Ryan Kwantan) learns that he has testicular cancer which means that he will not be able to father any children after having surgery to take care of it. He tries to freeze his sperm but that doesn’t work so he decides he needs to have a child quickly and he only has four weeks to father one.


This is a wonderful romantic comedy that has a lot of heart and charm and a wonderful cast of actors. Watching the film is like going to a party and here a serious question is treated with humor. Michael Lucas (an Australian and not to be confused with porn star/director) has written a delightful screenplay that Peter Templeton has directed with wit and style.


Jonah wastes no time in telling us that he loves sex so when he discovers a lump in his testicle (he discovers this while having sex), he is naturally quite upset. The doctor tells him that we will soon be infertile and this turns his world inside-out and upside-down and he realizes that he has to father a child ASAP or never do so. It is as if his future has been taken from him.


He begins going through his ex-girlfriends and tries to convince each to be the mother of his child and you can just imagine the comedy here. Jonah’s best friends and housemates, Gus (Ryan Cor) and Stevie (Sarah Snook) are there for him and are drawn into Jonah’s search for the girl who will say yes to his proposition. They try to warn people about what Jonah is going through.


The movie takes place in a world that is familiar and perpetual and we watch Jonah as he moves through the world as he tries to find a connection. We sense his feeling of uncertainty as he drifts through the stages with no one at his side. While the film deals with a very serious subject, the humor is wonderful.

The Ryan Kwantan of the beautiful body that we know from “True Blood” made this film before he reconstructed his body. He is perfect as Jonah—shallow, self-obsessed, immature who has only his looks going for him (similar to his “True Blood” character. Finally his hopes of becoming a father rest with Ava (Bojana Novakovic) and she suggests that he contact a lesbian couple or find an older woman to do the job.


I am sure that some will find this to be something of a crude film and I say to them, “Get over it” and enjoy a movie that is pure fun. There is nothing of traditional boy meets girl romantic comedies here. The real heart of the film is in the relationship between Jonah and Stevie. Jonah who has never wanted children before he learned that he might never be a father is scared that this indeed might happen and there is no woman who is out of consideration to mother his child. This is a fairly accurate look at how many young people live today (with life being not much more than one big party). Peter Templeman gives us a new kind of comedy that entertains and we need just that in today’s world.

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