“IN THE LIGHT”— The Morning After

in the light

“In the Light”

The Morning After

Amos Lassen

It has happened to most of us—waking up the next morning with no idea who the guy sleeping in the bed is. He looked great the night before but it was late and we didn’t talk and there he is, in the bed. In this short film, two men wake up after a night of passionate sex and after having been physically intimate with each other, they realize that the time has come to become emotionally honest with each other and each with himself. Director Glen Wood and writer Danijel Margetic give us a look at the sober reality of daylight after the drunken night before.

David Light is a cute blonde and very much at ease with his homosexuality and who would like a repeat performance of the sex that he and Paulino Nunes shared just a few hours before when it was still dark. However, Paulino is looking for his clothes so that he can leave.

The morning after can be quite strange and awkward and the light of day can make things look very different. I don’t think it is necessary to add another word.


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