“THE GAY-LIST”— Outrageously Nasty

gay list

The Gay-List”

Outrageously Nasty

Amos Lassen

I originally saw this several months ago when I was asked my opinion of it and my response was totally negative. Then this week I noticed that it is due to be released on DVD. There is a great deal from which to derive humor in the LGBT community, none of which we see here. The film is a taped collection of highly offensive jokes that aside from being off-color are totally disgusting and irreverent and are told to us by some guy named Dante. Just to satisfy my own curiosity, I asked around Boston (which has a very large and active and aware community) about who this Dante is and I was not surprised to learn that not only did no one know, no one cared. I wonder who this Dante is and what kind of life he had led that has brought him to use such crude and nasty humor and I use the word “humor” with reservations—I found no humor at all in this set. Joining him as emcee and I quote is “gay icon”, Rebekah Kochan. Who the hell is Kochan and why is she regarded as a gay icon? I suspect for the same reason Dante thinks his jokes are funny. Yes Kochan has appeared in a few gay themed movies but icon status? I am quite sure that if you ask people who she is they will reply with “Who”? We do have gay icons and most of them have achieved that status because they have done something important for the community—Midler is a gay icon as are Streisand and Elton John and Cher. Barry Manilow is not a gay icon even though he is gay and Greg Louganis is a gay icon but Rebekah Kochan? She does have a unique spelling of her name though. I noticed that the blurb for the movie says “enjoy these great comics as they provide their hilarious view [sic] of life, love, family, and dating”.

I suppose that these people are as great as Dante and Kochan but they are comedians we have never heard of.

Rarely do I give a bad review so if I do, you can be fairly sure that this is not something you do want to see unless you like foul language, nasty jokes, and hearing “F***” several times in almost every line spoken. I happen to have great respect for Nancy Criss who is releasing this film and I told her that my review would be extremely negative. She replied that sometimes we need to make mistakes in order to learn from them.

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