“BEAR CITY”— Now on Blu Ray



Now on Blu Ray

Amos Lassen

I originally reviewed this film when it first was released by TLA Releasing but I have just received word that it is now coming to us in Blu Ray for a finer picture and extensive special features. This is one of those feel good movies that will have you laughing and crying as well as giving us non-bears a look at bears and how they live.

Bear City” is a romantic comedy set in the bear scene of New York City. It looks at a group of close-knit friends and their adventures as bears. The cast is diverse, the comedy is wonderful and the film is a lot of fun. Directed by Douglas Langway we come face to face with hairy bears and their lovers and we come to another subculture of the larger gay community. Tyler (Joe Conti) announces that he has fallen in love with an older man who happens to be a bear and his nelly roommate is in a state of shock. For many gay men, bears are off limit even though they can’t really define why they feel that way. Tyler is a “twink” who enters the bear den searching for love and it is great fun. Yet there is a message here—and that is one of acceptance.


I love the fact that the movie introduces us to the bear culture by giving us a story about some very large, hairy men who live and love together. The guys we meet are navigating their way through life and do so without losing who they are. When Tyler enters the group, he has no clue how wonderful these guys are going to be to him and he soon becomes one of the guys. Of course, Tyler falls in love and with one hunky muscle bear named Roger (Gerald McCullouch). The sexual tension they provide is wonderful and it gives the film a feeling of reality. It is a film that once again shows us the price to be paid to fit into what society expects of us and how it is possible to continue to exist even while not fitting in. We also see the value of friendship and how friends take care of each other….and hey; there are some great comedic moments as well. The feeling you get from the film is about the importance of friends, something we too often forget.


There is no pretence here and we become very aware of the problems and issues of the bear community and the characters are representative of that community’s members. We see that they have the same problems as everyone else and we are all in this together.

The special features on the blu ray include:

Out of the Woods”—a documentary on the making of the film

Commentary with the director and writer, Doug Langway, Lawrence Ferber, co-writer, Stephen Guarino who plays Brent and Greg Gunter who plays Michael.

Music Video of Michael Mirlas’s “Puppy Dog Eyes”

Homopop Interview

Photo Gallery

Theatrical Trailer

And a new featurette, “Bear Silly: Caught with Our Pants Down”—bloopers and cast and crew interviews.