“Murder in Times Square” by Mykola Dementiuk— Times Square, the Late 60’s

murder in times square

Dementiuk, Mykola. “Murder in Times Square”, eXtasy Books, 2010.

Times Square, the Late 60’s

Amos Lassen

Let’s go for a walk to the sleazy area near Times Square but first you have to imagine that it is the late 1960’s-early 70’s when sidewalks were covered with empty beer and liquor bottles and where sex was for the taking at a small price. This is the milieu of Mykola Dementiuk and the main character of this story. It wasn’t as much decadent as it was gritty and seedy and known for illicit and anonymous sex and criminal activity.

The sex was quick and could involve anything from a hand job to getting laid and it usually took place between strangers and in a downtrodden and cheap hotel in the neighborhood or in one of the porn movie houses just blocks away from one of America’s most famous landmark and where many come to celebrate New Year’s Eve. Our “hero” (for lack of a better word because there is nothing heroic about him) discovers that he has become involved with the wrong “lady”. Connie was to change his life and this was not a good thing. She was as Dementiuk tells us “a murderous whore” because of having killed someone while drunk and our boy gets dragged into it. I cannot say anymore about the plot but the story is really important for showing us how we once lived in New York City.

As always, Dementiuk writes with a sense of realism that we do not often find in our literature. Life was not always pretty, especially around Times Square.

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