“Turnon: Gear” by Various Artists— Men in Gear

turnon gear

Various Artists. “Turnon: Gear”, Bruno Gmunder Verlag, 2012.

Men in Gear

Amos Lassen

It seems that many men are into other men in gear—lycra industrial textiles, rubber, athletic uniforms and so on. “Turnon: Gear” is a new compilation of art work of men dressed in gear and worshipping the worlds of pleasure and fetish. This new volume in Gmunder’s popular Turnon series includes photographs by Joan Crisol, Mark Henderson, Joe Oppedisano, Dylan Rosser, Michael Stokes, Gaz, John Gress, Pedro Virgil,  Gaz, Tom Bianchi, Patrick Mettraux and considerable others among many others. We see here that sometimes men look really good when dressed and gear can make them look exceptionally “hot”. Some may think of the photos as macho to the hilt and here we see men dressed in all kinds of outfits representing various fetishes. The book is actually a celebration of fetish and the photographers successfully capture the beauty of men. The models are tanned and muscular and exude both beauty and power. One can almost feel the models’ stares from the page. They are all kinds of men yet comparable in their beauty. (You may never look at sportsmen the same way again).


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