“Frat House Troopers” by Xavier Mayne— An Old Story Newly Told


Mayne, Xavier. “Frat House Troopers”, Dreamspinner Press, 2012.

An Old Story Newly Told

Amos Lassen

We have read similar stories to this many times but here Xavier Mayne puts a new twist on the straight cop who is sent undercover to bust a gay sex operation. Brandt is a state trooper who has been assigned to infiltrate a sex-cam operation and this makes him uncomfortable since he will have to be naked on camera to audition to get into the group. Donnelly, his best friend and partner, is there for him to help and to encourage. Brandt’s audition is so successful that he becomes a star overnight but in order to meet the boss of the entire operation, he will have to do an encore performance live on webcam opposite the highest bidder. Donnelly is there to make sure that Brandt wins but there is something else which cannot be faked. Brandt feels humiliated by what he has had to do and he tries to deal with it and his own feelings. At the same time, Donnelly has discovered something about himself and now both men realize that everything they thought they knew about themselves and each other is not what it seemed.

The plot moves slowly, allowing time for us to get to know the characters. Not much happens until into a little more than halfway through and we are well prepared for the sex that is to come. As we could expect, love developed between Brandt and Donnelly and they both accepted it for what it was. Many times in stories like this, straight guys who become gay have problems dealing with it but here there is no self-doubt and no turning back. Brandt and Donnelly make a great couple and although I wanted to know a bit more about them, I find that unimportant in retrospect.

The prose, plot and character development are all excellent and the sex scenes are really hot. The secondary characters contribute to the plot throughout and some of them are fascinating to read. If I have a criticism it is quite minor and that is that Brandt and Donnelly fell in love a bit too quickly and everything ended up in a tidy ending. Perhaps the reason I wanted more was because I so enjoyed what I read but who knows—maybe there will be a sequel.

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