“The Rosary and the Badge” by Jerry Sacher— Jeremy and Mark

Sacher, Jerry. “The Rosary and the Badge” (Saint of San Francisco #2). Dreamspinner Press, 2012.

Jeremy and Mark

Amos Lassen

I did not read the first book in the series before I read this but I am going to do so soon. I thoroughly enjoyed this book but I do feel I would have gotten more out of it if I had read the other first.

When this book Begins, Jeremy Haniver has started a new life in San Francisco. He works in a coffee shop in the Castro and his boyfriend, Mark Caparelli, a police officer watches over him. The two had just solved a mystery about a dead young sailor and they are ready to relax for a while. However, that proved easier said than done and Jeremy seems to attract trouble even while Mark tries to prevent that. Jeremy bid on a piece of jewelry that had been stolen from the Empress of Ireland, a sunken ship. No sooner than he did such, he found himself in trouble. He began getting strange threatening phone calls which demanded that he return the jewelry. He then sees a stranger man all over town. Before he knew it, he was held prisoner and Mark then had to find and rescue him.

This is a character driven novel in which naïve Jeremy finds himself in trouble because of his strong belief in what is right. Mark believes that Jeremy is so prone to trouble that he needs someone to watch over him. On the other hand he sees and admires Jeremy’s resourcefulness and determination.

Sacher writes the story from the two points of view of his main characters. Led into a mystery, the men encounter a lot of aggravating moments and life threatening situations. There is a lot of wit and humor in the story as well and we really see that in Jeremy who believes that even the hardest criminal can be redeemed.


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