“DADDY’S BIG GIRL”— Short but Very Sweet

“Daddy’s Big Girl”

Short but Very Sweet

Amos Lassen

Millie (Rakefet Abergel) is overweight and she and her father have a strange relationship. Her dad, Cliff (Christopher Bradley), is a wealthy movie maker and gay. Millie knows she is fat but does nothing about it and her father uses his own brand of tough love hoping that she will do something with her life. Millie finds herself in a bind with no job and no money so she does what children usually do—she goes to her father who she sees as a hedonistic man who lives for fun. We sense the tension between father and daughter and it looks like they will never agree on anything until Cliff tells Millie a story about his dead wife and her mother and this leads to each understanding the other a bit more.

Even though the film is only 17 minutes long, director Reid Waterer gives us a look at the dynamics of father/daughter and shows us that it is possible to reach an understanding. I watched with a smile on my face as I wondered why I had not heard of Waterer before. His film has a certain charm that I just cannot define and I surely hope that we will be hearing more from him.

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