“INFIDELITY”— Three Couples


Three Couples

Amos Lassen

We seem to see the male point of view about relationships and infidelity on film much more than we see the female perspective and this movie changes that by presenting how women think about charting husbands. Ovidie presents here three different but related stories that look at overcoming infidelity and thus makes us consider the meanings of love, loyalty and sex.

Alban is soon to be fifty years old and he fears losing his sex appeal. Sylvia, a twenty-five year, believes that she can make him leave his wife and stay with her but as time wears on, it is obvious that Alban finds that her attempts at seducing him begin to invade his home life. Patrick has been cheating for quite a long time and he thinks that he has the perfect situation with Aline, a young woman who fears love and believes that sex and love do not have to go together and that sex is possible with no emotional relationship. Jean-Marc cannot get enough sex and he and his wife decide to open their marriage in order to save it and to make up for his unfaithfulness.

To say this is a bold movie is an understatement and not only does it contain full nudity of both sexes there are scenes of both oral sex and sexual intercourse with the man sporting erections (and proudly so). However these scenes are not gratuitous and are important to the overall plot yet they are shocking at first. Sex is such an important part of life and here we see it used to make us look into ourselves in an effort to understand why it is so important and what at once appears to be a porn film turns out to be an intimate look at the way we live.






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