“THIS IS NOT A DREAM”— Queer Artists with Video Cameras

“This Is Not a Dream”

Queer Artists with Video Cameras

Amos Lassen

“This is Not a Dream” is a documentary film fresh off of the LGBT Film Festival circuit that looks at how queer artists and video cameras have transformed their world. All of us are aware of how much the video camera changed our lives when it came into being in 1970 (for layman use) and the price was reasonable enough that artists had a chance to use it and respond to the mainstream; something they had been financially limited from doing. They found other marginalized people like themselves and the voices of protest and gender queers moved into mainstream media. We take a journey through forty years of artistry and meet such people as

Vaginal Davis, Nao Bustamante, Kalup Linzy, David Hoyle, Cole Escola and Holestar among others. Exclusive interviews and incredible archive material is complemented by live video-interactive performances are presented. We learn a great deal from this documentary that examines the relationship between video technology and how gay people regard the moving image. The film plays with drag, music, celebrity and popular culture, and the artists have powerfully and playfully engaged the video camera with queer visibility and this is how they have drawn attention to themselves helped to change the world.




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