“REMEMBERNG GORE VIDAL”— the Huffington Post and a Personal Remark

Remembering Gore Vidal


Today, America lost one of its most talented and contrary men of letters.

Gore Vidal died aged 86 of complications from pneumonia. Never short of a witty barb, his sharp quips made many refer to him as his generation’s Mark Twain.

He was amazingly prolific, writing more than 50 books as well as Hollywood screenplays and stage plays. He was brave, standing up for causes including homosexuality and racial equality before they became acceptable to the mainstream. He was, as his literary executor writes on our page, “a crazily gifted man,” generous to his friends, unflinching towards his enemies (and there were many.)

His ashes will now be placed beneath the gravestone he had made in 1994, near to that of his childhood sweetheart.

His absence is already painfully felt.

— Andrew Losowsky
HuffPost Books Editor


I met Gore Vidal a very long time ago through a mutual friend and I remember him as a very classy but sharp-tongued person. About five or six years ago I called him to invite him to speak about gay literature at the Arkansas Literary Festival but he replied that he was not well enough to travel. May his memory be a blessing to us all.— Amos Lassen

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  1. David G. Hallman

    Dear Amos, Thanks for your post about Gore Vidal and for your FB comment this morning. I too am just reading “Eminent Outlaws” and though I thought I knew a great deal about Vidal (and the other writers that Bram covers) I gained some new insights into Vidal’s personality, writing, and relationship with other gay authors. His death leaves our community a little bit paler. David

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