The Beatles: Their Golden Age”


Amos Lassen

There is no question as to the influence The Beatles have had on the world and not just musically. We never tire of hearing about them and we always are ready to learn some more. I just find it hard to believe that half of the four man group is no longer with us.

It was in August, 1962 that Ringo Starr became a Beatle and replaced drummer Pete Best. At that time, we had not even begun to hear of the fab four and yet they went on to become the biggest act in entertainment history. Our lives were changed forever by the foursome and it is almost impossible to understand their meteoric rise.

This documentary directed by Lee Krantz is the story of The Beatles in their early years until they broke up in 1970. We see their world tours and we see clips from their movies as well as a wonderful section on the making of their first film, “A Hard Day’s Night”.

Some of the scenes in the film have been seen before but there is some rare footage here is well. One interesting clip is John Lennon reading his own poetry and another is seeing Paul McCartney lashing out at a reporter who publicized Paul’s LSD usage. We see George Harrison flirting with his wife, Patty Boyd and we see Ringo acting up with the other members of the group. What the film ultimately shows us is that side of The Beatles that we, the public, rarely saw. Yet we also see the famous scenes of the group that have come to characterize them such as John explaining why he said the four were bigger than Jesus. All I could think of as I watched were my personal memories of what went on in my life when The Beatles were the rage. “Ah, the memories…”. The film comes out just as we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the group as we know them (August 18, 1962 or the day Ringo joined the band). We love them, yeah, yeah, yeah.