“My Two Moms: Lessons of Love, Strength, and What Makes a Family” by Zach Wahls— The Power of Family

Wahls, Zach. “My Two Moms: Lessons of Love, Strength, and What Makes a Family”, Gotham, 2012.

The Power of Family

Amos Lassen

Zach Wahls became an instant celebrity when on he addressed the Iowa House Judiciary Committee in January, 2011 and spoke about his new two moms. He, at 19 years old, proudly said that his parents’ sexual orientation had “zero effect” on who he was, “on the content of his character”. Soon afterwards, his speech went viral and soon it was seen by more than 2 million people. America and the world knew who has was and wanted to hear more.

All of us are aware of what is happening now with gay marriage and how it is quickly becoming the defining issue in the upcoming presidential election. Wahls writes about that but he also looks at the broader issues of gay rights. He gives us a very strong message of love and courage and this is what he learned from his two mothers. When we think of pride, we should also think of and thank Wahls.

In the book, Wahls shares the story of his family and he clearly shows that by knowing about same sex couples, people will be less afraid of any of the stories they have heard. Yes, I said afraid and I believe that we fear what we do not know and this leads to ignorance. I bet Fred Phelps is scared of everything. What the author says in this book is relatable to everyone and family is family regardless of its components. Sexuality is not and should not be an issue.

This is a quick read and an extremely important one and should be read by everyone. Of course, we will never see that happen so I urge all of you who have read it to pass the information along. Wahls uses a unique approach by showing how the values he learned as an Eagle Scout apply to his family. What we must remember that it is not sexuality that defines a family, love does.
Before I close I must react to the review by the bigoted and poorly educated Susan Hill who says

“Simply pretending that a father does not exist does not make it so. Mr. Whals (sic—she can’t spell either) presumes fear and lack of exposure to same sex attracted individuals drives objections to the same sex lifestyle, and further that his particular experience as an accomplished young man having been raised in a same sex household validates same sex family life.

However, I question both premises. Simply knowing SS attracted persons does not make the lifestyle in keeping with human biological realities. A recognition of the facts of human procreative realities is simply to be grounded in truth. Moreover, Mr. Wahls’ accomplishments, while laudable, are not sufficient to endorse SS marriage as a good model for the rearing of children. After all everyone knows of an accomplished person having been raised by a single parent working two jobs to make ends meet, yet no one holds up single parenting as a good environment for children based upon individual circumstances now would they?”

There is always a detractor and it is amazing to me why Hill would allow herself, as the single negative voice, to be printed here. No one is going to listen to her or to anyone like her. Ignorance does not solve problems and neither do haters. In fact, I think we should all have a collective laugh about her lack f understanding and almost total ignorance.

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