“Alex & Clayton” by John Simpson— Free from Repression

Simpson, John. “Alex & Clayton”, Dreamspinner Press, 2012.

Free from Repression

Amos Lassen

Clayton worked for years as a librarian and then he decided to quit his job, use the inheritance he had and he went to Rehoboth Beach where he bought a bookstore. It was time to free himself from the restrictions and repressions of society under which he had been forced to live for too long.

Just about the same time, Alex, a former cop and retired military man decided to retire at Rehoboth and he bought a small house and soon went to visit the bookstore.  Rehoboth is a great town in the summer when it fills with tourists and lots of gay people. However, come winter, it is almost deserted, Alex and Clayton gravitated toward each other and Clayton really wants a solid relationship but that would mean that he would have to be out. Although Alex is sexy and god looking, it takes more than that to convince Clayton that he has found Mr. Right.

Both Alex and Clayton are middle-aged so this is a different kind of story as it looks at a demographic too often over-looked. That is probably what I liked most about the story. Simpson tells us about the men during the course of their lives and we get to know them. However, something was missing and I am not sure what it was. I have enjoyed Simpson’s writing in the past but this one did not do it for me…. Sorry.