“Wrestling with Jesus” by Stephen Osborne— Can Dreams Come True?

Osborne, Stephen. “Wrestling with Jesus”, Dreamspinner Press, 2012.

Can Dreams Come True?

Amos Lassen

Randy Stone, a bookstore owner is madly in love with his new boyfriend, Kyle Temple. When Randy takes Kyle to meet his family, he knows he must be careful. Kyle is younger than Randy, a wrestler without an education and Randy’s parents are judgmental. They are not really happy with their son’s choice of lovers and even Randy’s best friend is not happy about it. However, love knows no boundaries and Randy is determined, Kyle is also making a sacrifice to be with Randy—he is willing to stop smoking for him and he goes through hypnotherapy to do so. Kyle, strangely enough, as a result of the sessions begins to quote Jesus and in Aramaic. Once people hear about this, Randy’s and Kyle’s lives are open books. News teams seem to be everywhere and this could most certainly  ruin Kyle’s dreams of professional wrestling (not to mention his life with Randy).

This is most certainly a new kind of gay novel and it is very well written. The fact that there is something missing in Kyle makes him an endearing character. In fact all of the characters are well drawn and the dialogue is very funny. I am not really interested in wrestling so I knew little about it until I read this book. This is a fun and very enjoyable read and I recommend it highly.