“YOU BELONG TO ME”— Obsession

“You Belong to Me”


Amos Lassen

“You Belong to Me” is a surprising film and although I had seen it years ago when it came out; I watched it again and found myself surprised all the way through. Jeffrey (Daniel Sauli), a young architect moves into a new apartment and becomes the object of his landlady’s obsession. After a sexual encounter with a guy, Jeffrey sees the guy going into his apartment building and discovers that there is an apartment for rent there. He allows the landlady to show it to him and what began as a bad idea (his moving there) soon becomes a terrible nightmare. I found myself sitting on the edge o y seat as I watched. Lots of things happen that I can’t talk about it for to do so would spoil the film. The acting is excellent throughout and the plot ropes you in even though it is a bit thin. The story is fairly simple and while there is not much suspense there is mystery. There are twists and turns throughout and while we never know the landlady’s motivation for doing what she does, she certainly makes us wonder about her. It seems that she collects young men who live in her apartments and then suddenly disappear.


The film begins as a gritty look at New York City and it captures the city well. Jeffrey becomes enamored of Rene (Julian Lucas) who doesn’t return the feeling and Jeffrey pursues him. Jeffrey is tired of sharing an apartment with his friend Niki and on quick impulse decides to take an apartment in Rene’s building. He soon becomes the object of obsession of his landlady Gladys (Patti D’Arbanville) and things get really bad. Directed by Sam Zalutsky, we get a sense of horror that is never quite explained and comes across as a cat and mouse game showing the dangers of obsession. There is also Jeffrey’s obsession with Rene and then there are many unanswered questions—especially the conclusion which we are left to ponder ourselves.

I must give Zalutsky credit for his gay spin on a creepy movie which at times resembles “Fatal Attraction”. Jeffrey pays no attention to the stop signs that he gets along the way and proceeds to cement his own fate even though he did not know he was doing do. I found the film to be urban gothic and while not perfect, it held my interest throughout.



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