“Every Time I Think of You” by Jim Provezano— Young Love

Provenzano, Jim. “Every Time I Think of You”, CreateSpace, 2011.

Young Love

Amos Lassen

Being young and in love is something very special as Reid Conniff, a shy high school discovers. He met Everett Forrester, a man of breeding and wealth, in the woods in Pennsylvania and the two men discover what love is even though they are plagued by interference from their parents and the fact that they go to different schools which are miles apart. They managed to overcome and even a near fatal accident can stop their love for each other.

The feelings and emotions of first and young love are handled beautifully and I found myself thinking back to y first love affair so many years ago. There is an innocence that Provenzano has captured and it is quite lovely. With young love there is mystery and there is promise and we all know of the idealism of youth. This is a unique coming of age story replete with the surprise one feels when he realizes that he is in love. I love the way the writer brought opposites together here—heartbreak and peace, familiar and unknown, humor and near tragedy.

The characters are wonderfully constructed and we get to know them as we read. There is another twist here that I do not want to write about because it is such an integral part of the tale and to give it away would be to spoil an excellent read. I grew nostalgic reading, remembering the days that were free from worry and the simple but carefully written prose makes the book sheer pleasure to read.