News from Lethe Press: Lewis DeSimone’s “The Heart’s History” is coming soon (as related by Steve Berman)

“The Heart’s History” Lewis DeSimone Lethe Press, 2012

Coming Soon

Amos Lassen

I just wanted to let you know that Lewis DeSimone has a new book coming out from Lethe Press and I am really looking forward to it. I am using what Steve Berman, owner of Lethe, had to say about it.

“This is Edward: architect, friend, lover, mystery. Everyone has their own Edward, a kaleidoscope of images struggling to define a man who has never let anyone get too close. But now, Edward is dying, and all of his loved ones are desperate to understand him, to connect fully with him, before it’s too late.

In this beautiful and haunting novel, Lewis DeSimone, author of the acclaimed Chemistry, explores the hidden depths of love, the struggle to maintain a balance between connection and individuality. Edward’s illness is set against the backdrop of a sea change in gay culture, a time when AIDS is assumed to be simply a manageable condition, and when the drive for assimilation through marriage, or the military has begun to trump the distinct characteristics that were once a source of pride. Deftly shifting perspectives to paint a compelling portrait of a man and a community on the cusp of a critical transition, The Heart’s History gives hope that, despite the impossibility of ever achieving true oneness with another person, it is the attempt itself that gives life its greatest joy.”


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