“IN THE LIFE”—January 2012

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This January on IN THE LIFE: First Class Citizens

First Class Citizens

 Inspired by Martin Luther King Jr.’s vision of equality, we look back at how LGBT rights intersect with the broader movement for civil rights in this country. Revisiting the first gay rights protests, the gay men of color who joined the Million Man March and the first openly gay federal judge, we celebrate those who stood up and spoke out for full LGBT equality.

A Day In The Life of Honorable Judge Deborah A. Batts

The Honorable Deborah Batts became the country’s first openly gay federal judge in 1994.

A Conversation With… Jonathan Capehart & Julian Bond

Pulitzer Prize-winning Washington Post writer Jonathan Capehart speaks with former NAACP chairman Julian Bond about the intersection of gay rights and civil rights.

Gay Pioneers

IN THE LIFE remembers the pioneering activism started by two of the earliest gay rights organizers: Frank Kameny and Barbara Gittings.



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