“DOWNING”— When Teens Party


When Teens Party

Amos Lassen

John is a seventeen year old gay teen who is totally comfortable with his sexuality, in fact, so much so that he is willing to help others. His best friend, Chloe, is planning to go to a “straight” party where the host, Daniel, is a rabid homophobe. Daniel considers himself to be a prime example of an alpha male and he sees himself as “the greatest thing since sliced bread”. He learns that his girlfriend, Lauren, has had enough his egoism and so Daniel hits on Chloe to make her jealous.

For those of you who wonder about raging hormones and teens, you will see that here. Sexual desire meets what is considered right by society and morally and legally wrong.

This is a unique short film which concentrates on giving new talent a showcase. Daniel is portrayed as a sexual predator and a nasty person and the party scene is filled with little intrigues. Of course Daniel comes out as the hero here and the twist in the plot is unique.

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