“TRANS GENERATION”— Thinking Trans Gender

“Trans Generation”

 Thinking Trans Gender

 Amos Lassen

 Everyday we seem to learn about the discrepancies of gender. This documentary, an eight part series about four people who are trans-gender (2 men and 2 women) fascinates the eye and ear and opens the mind. All four are college students and we are let into the way they live, who their friends are and how the both face and deal with the world in which they live. We look at what makes “male” and what makes “female” and then at everything in between the two. We know that sexuality is different from gender and still the two seem to be intertwined. When a man identifies himself as gay, bisexual or straight, it has nothing to do with whether he is transsexual or wants to undergo gender reassignment surgery and live in a body that suits him better. Gender Identity Disorder is something that is very real and those that transiting from one sex to another find that they live their lives much more easily.

       We meet Raci, a Filipino girl who attends Cal Tech and is not ready yet to share her life with anyone. Her family supports her completely and she has been dressing as a female since she was 9 years old. She maintains a 3.5 GPA and is on a scholarship. Raci is taking female hormones.

       TJ is from Cyprus but is going to school in Michigan. When his scholarship ends he is obliged to return to Cyprus for two years and his family does not support him. He thinks his other could get him to return to being Tamar as he was named when born.

       Lucas is a male student at an all female college. His mother has tried to accept him and we see how hard it is on a parent to understand and accept that the child they once had is a different gender than the one born into even though they are essentially the same person inside.

       Gaby is a female who goes to school in Colorado. She is just learning how to be sociable. She is going to have a sex change operation and her parents support her. Sexually she classifies herself as either bisexual or lesbian.

       These four are typical teenagers who have the same problems as their peers but they have that extra gender situation.

       The film gives an overall view of the trans community and shows that trans gender people are everywhere. The price that these people pay is high and they manage to deal with the issues. Here is a film that will open your eyes and really make you think.

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