“On a Silver Platter” by Linda Morganstein— The Alexis Pope Mystery Series Returns


Morganstein, Linda. “On A Silver Platter”, Quest. 2011.

 The Alexis Pope Mystery Series Returns

 Amos Lassen


I have been reading Linda Morganstein for about three or four years now and the only problem that I have is that when I finish one, I have to wait a while until she writes another. However, she is difficult to review in that I do not want to spoil the read for anyone.

 This is the third book in the Alexis Pope mystery series which began with “Harpies Feast” and “Ordinary Furies”. When I began this, I was already a “close friend” of Alex but I could not out guess her. This novel centers on a film company that has come to make a movie about the “beheading of John the Baptist” but not as a religious film. Rather this is to a modern horror version of the story. Alex is asked to take the part of a stunt double and before she can even really get involved, she finds herself among the cast and the crew and the intrigues and she soon finds herself looking for a murderer.

 The cast here is large and fascinating—  Buddy, an ex TV star noted for his doctor series, Ken a passionate Shakespearean actor who longs to play a royal robe, Shirley, his wife who feels she has to prove she is good enough, Salome, an ingénue and girlfriend of director, Jerome who comes from a long line of show business people, Marion, Ken and Shirley’s son and Jerome’s best friend and Chase, Jerome’s cousin. And there are more: Paula, a corrections officer and former basketball star who moonlights as a security guard and is an activist; Rickie, Paula’s sister and an activist and Pete, deputy sheriff with a small part in the movie and Mary, his twin sister, a public defender. Do not get alarmed, you will understand them all and Morganstein writes wonderful characters.

 There is a lot of intrigue here and if you think you are an armchair sleuth, this one will keep you guessing.

 Morganstein’s prose pulls you in and the fact that this is a good story helps. Mark my words, you cannot go wrong with Linda Morganstein and once you read her, you will become a fan.




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