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“A Quilt for David” by Steven Reigns— Revisiting David Acer

Reigns, Steven. “A Quilt for David”, City Lights, 2021.

Revisiting David Acer

Amos Lassen

In the early 1990s, eight people who were living in a small conservative Florida town alleged that Dr. David Acer, their dentist, had infected them with HIV. Because David was gay and appeared to be sickly because of his own AIDS-related illness, he was the ideal scapegoat and victim. It was a time during the early years of AIDS when not much was understood, and homophobia was everywhere. Accuser Kimberly Bergalis managed to get an interview and cover story in “People” and others appeared on talk shows and on the front page of newspapers.

In “A Quilt for David”, poet, Steven Reigns examines the life and death of Acer and the society that used stigma against those who are vulnerable. We see how the present Covid 19 pandemic is also being looked at through medical misinformation and cultural bias. Reigns looks at an American history in a different light by questioning Acer’s accusers and reconstructing the life of a gay man that has been depicted with secrecy and shame.

Those of us who have been around for a while remember all too how we have had to live lives of secrecy and discrimination simply based on our sexuality. We have had to deal with discrimination and questions about who we are and how we live and love. Even though things are so much better now, the past history has left an indelible mark on us and we have been scarred. Reigns takes this very serious as he returns honor to those who died of AIDS and looks at Acer’s life and death as representative of the way we lived. As I read, I was moved to tears and uplifted by hope. This is not only Acer’s story but our story as well. Now, some thirty years after his death, Acer becomes the symbol of hate and lies that have hurt our community for way too long and Reigns’ words bring this home to a new generation.

Poetry is based on emotion and it is impossible not to be emotionally moved by what we read here. We do not often get a look at what happened during AIDS in the way we do here and while it is heartbreaking, it is also liberating. I have long been a fan of Reigns as a writer and as a person and he has surpassed himself with “A Quilt for David”. Each word is important and shows his devotion to his subject. I find it hard to write about this book as I am so deeply affected by what I read here. I am quite sure I will never forget it.

“LEGEND”— Limited Edition, 2-Disc Limited Edition


Limited Edition, 2-Disc Limited Edition

Amos Lassen

Director Ridley Scott and writer William Hjortsberg have created a breathtaking cinematic fairytale with one of the screen’s most beautiful depictions of Evil. In an idyllic forest, the pure-hearted Jack (Tom Cruise) takes his true love Princess Lili (Mia Sara) to see a pair of unicorns at the forest’s edge. Little do they know, however, that the Lord of Darkness (Tim Curry) has dispatched his minions to capture the unicorns and cut off their horns so that he may take the world into everlasting night. After Lili and the unicorns are taken prisoner, Jack must form a group of forest creatures and enter Darkness’ subterranean lair to deal with the devilish creature before it is too late. “Legend” has been restored to Scott’s original cut to give us his unique vision of a world beyond our imagination.

The plot and other aspects of the film  are somewhat problematic, however yet we get a hint that “Legend” could have been something truly special on all counts, but  it never quite made it. 

Set in a fantasy universe, the film opens with the Lord Of Darkness upset that something as pure and good as unicorns still exists in the forests. He sends one of his followers off to try and destroy them, as he himself is so evil he can’t go out in the sun and do it himself. In the forest is nature-boy Jack  who is friends with a beautiful princess. He takes her to see the unicorns, but when she breaks the rules of the forest and touches one of the animals, she may have sealed the world’s fate and that an age of darkness is soon to come.

This leads Jack on a quest that brings him into contact with all kinds of characters in a bid to save the world – and possibly the Princess too from going into darkness.

It’s a fairly simple story and to be honest it suffers for that. The script assumes that because this is a fantasy world, everything will be taken on faith. Jack’s a forest boy, but we never really learn what that means, and we never really find out what Mia Sara is the princess of. Everything feels random and it’s difficult to truly care about what happens and this is a shame because of the visual feast that the movie presents. This fantasy world never goes deep. The film is amazing to watch but it is frustrating because so much is not explained.

Absolute evil is pitted against absolute good  in a battle for the soul of the land. It all hinges on a pair of unicorns, one of which is made vulnerable by the touch of a beautiful but foolish princess. Fascinating in the way only a wrongheaded film by a great filmmaker can be, there is beautiful imagery, but the story keeps it in the  land of kitsch.

Much of this is due to the dullness of the characters. Mia Sara’s princess is one of those celebrated visions of loveliness but she has no personality at all, though she does undergo a shift into something more interesting toward the end. Tom Cruise’s earnest young hero is sweet but bland. Tim Curry gets the plum role, hamming it up gloriously as the demon Darkness, but he’s hampered by a costume that undermines the imagery of the film. But I love this film even with all if my criticism.

Some of the special features include:

  • Theatrical Cut Isolated Score: Also of interest is the disc’s Isolated Music Score, which features uncut music cues by Tangerine Dream. While the cues fall out of sync with the picture on occasion, they’ve been intentionally preserved to focus on as much of the music as possible. Other scenes incorporate alternate cues that were not used in the final film.
  • Creating a Myth: The Making ofLegend (SD, 51 minutes): Strange, lyrical opening aside, “Creating a Myth” is a terrific behind-the-scenes documentary that charts the course of the film’s production, from its earliest stages of development to its enduring legacy as a fantasy film. Key members of the cast and crew are on hand to discuss anything and everything fans could possibly want to learn about, and little ground is left uncovered.
  • Lost Scenes(SD, 13 minutes): Two scenes are available — “Alternate Opening: Four Goblins” and “The Faerie Dance” — both of which look every bit as terrible and incomplete as you might imagine. two unfinished, long-lost scenes would.
  • Music Video(SD, 5 minutes): Bryan Ferry’s “Is Your Love Strong Enough.”
  • Photo Gallery(HD): More than ninety images are included.
  • Theatrical Trailers(SD, 3 minutes)
  • TV Spots(SD, 2 minutes)

“DEAD PIGS”— Social Satire and Family Drama in Modern China


Social Satire and Family Drama in Modern China

Amos Lassen

Cathy Yan’s “Dead Pigs” is made up of intertwining stories of those living through social modernization in Shanghai. We see the stories of a man in financial trouble in the wake of the death of his pig stock and an investment that went wrong, a woman who refuses to leave her family home that is being destroyed for gentrification purposes, and a troubled young man in love with a wealthy woman and they both fail to understand their different worlds. As the stories progress we see how these character’s stories come together interpersonally, and within the city undergoing change.

Dead Pigs opens with Wang (Haoyu Yang) buying a virtual reality set. He is mesmerized by the abilities that technology has to immerse people. He is then met with a pack of dead pigs that have died mysteriously. The characters reflect the growth of Shanghai and its and it becomes clear from the onset that the character’s involvement in the new world is limited.

On the same day Wang makes his purchase, a swine plague strikes his village. The local river is soon infested with hundreds of dumped pig carcasses. Wang can’t repay his debts and falls prey to ruthless local thugs.

Wang’s sister, Candy, (Vivian Wu) is the successful owner of a beauty salon. Her motto is “There are no ugly women. Only lazy ones!”  and this also is a slogan for a China where failure is stigmatized and success must constantly be performed openly. Candy clashes with her bungling brother over his haphazard business affairs.

Wang’s mistakes show Candy’s own crisis. Candy may be an image of icy perfection, but she is a sentimental at heart.

She holds onto to ramshackle family home. When she’s pressured by developers, the stage is set for Candy’s showdown against progress.

Director Yan looks at some moral complexities of late-capitalism in China. In a parallel thread, Wang’s son, Zhen (Mason Lee), barely makes it, working as a waiter at a restaurant in Shanghai. Rather than tell his father the truth about his job, he pretends to be successful. He then falls for a young, lonely socialite, Xia Xia (Li Meng).

Zhen and Xia Xia’s quasi-romance never touches on class difference or social status in any meaningful way since Yan gives us a fantasy about the rich helping the poor. Yan doesn’t say much condemning the developers’ urge to imitate. The new China, like the old Wang’s virtual reality, is a puzzling simulation. The characters aren’t as worried about aesthetic or cultural claims to authenticity as they are about finding a place in the new pecking order.

The film follows the effects of a singular event across different strata in modern-day China.


“The Picasso of our profession”
–  Jerry Seinfeld
“Complete genius”
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“There’ll never be anybody as important as Richard Pryor.”
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Raw, sometimes shocking and always thrilling, Pryor — a once-in-a-generation innovator — pushed the envelope and was almost single-handly responsible for the comedy evolution that continues to this day. He won an Emmy®, five Grammys®, was the recipient of the very first Mark Twain Prize for American Humor (1998) and in 2017, Rolling Stoneranked him #1 on its list of the 50 best stand-up comics of all time. There has simply never been a comedian like him: totally genius and outrageously funny, and that’s on full display in this superlative set, which features:
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  • Plus, a Collector’s Booklet with personal photos, diary entries, tour notes and more!
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Being a Queer Kid

Amos Lassen

“As any mother or father will tell you, when it comes to parenting, there’s no right way to do it! Discover the highs and lows of being a queer kid in a straight family and vice versa in these six moving short films from Germany, Bulgaria, Israel, China and the United Kingdom.”


SAMIRA dir. Charlotte Rolfes

Country: United Kingdom
Language: English
Format: Short Film (17 mins)
​​Available subtitles: English, Deutsch


Janosch, an interpreter, is called to help during a police deployment at the Port of Hamburg. A young African woman has barricaded herself in a container ship and threatens to commit suicide. In order to get her out, Janosch promises to help her, an offer which bears unexpected consequences.

PRIDE (Чect) dir. Pavel Vesnakov

Country: Bulgaria
Language: Bulgarian
Format: Short Film (30 mins)
​​Available subtitles: English, Deutsch


​Manol – a retired general, a loving grandfather – is a patriarch of firm morals and fixed beliefs, which he has upheld in his household. But on this day he learns that the boy he raised is gay. The life choices of his loved ones challenge his values in a battle he has lost by default.

LOST & FOUND dir. Nizan Lotem & Lior Haen

Country: Israel
Language: Hebrew
Format: Short Film (8 mins)
​​Available subtitles: English, Deutsch​


A boy loses his mobile phone which is then found by a stranger. When the pair meet at the park, at first the stranger asks for a reward for finding it, but it soon becomes apparent that he wants more than what the boy is prepared to give.

CHAOS TOAD dir. Carlos Lopes

Country: United Kingdom
Language: English
Format: Short Film (8 mins)
​​Available subtitles: English, Deutsch


Stuck living as a full-time carer for his distant mother, Andy receives a surprise intervention from his fabulous imaginary childhood friend, Arabella Sparkle. On a mission to bring light into Andy’s dingy existence, Arabella soon finds out that this is no mean feat!


SUNKEN PLUM (沉李) dir. Roberto F. Canuto, Xu Xiaoxi

Country: China
Language: Mandarin
Format: Short Film (20 mins)
​​Available subtitles: English, Deutsch


Li Wanying’s night goes from bad to worse when, after her latest cabaret performance is ridiculed, she receives news of her mother’s death. As the only ‘son’, she feels obligated to return to her birthplace, even though she’ll have to hide her true self from family and friends.


ESCAPING GRAVITY (Fliehkraft) dir. Benjamin Teske

Country: Germany
Language: Deutsch
Format: Short Film (23 mins)
​​Available subtitles: English, Deutsch


Mother and father Marion and Ludwig welcome back their only child into the funfair fold with open arms. Probably because they know that this time things will be different. As family ties reach breaking point, for Marion, time is running out…

“The Kinda Fella I Am; Stories” by Raymond Luczak— The Need for Human Connection

Luczak, Raymond, “The Kinda Fella I Am: Stories”,Reclamation Press, 2018.

The Need for Human Connection

Amos Lassen

In “The Kinda Fella I Am”, Raymond Luczak imagines the world as seen by queer disabled men. We follow the lives of disabled queers in many different aspects through hones prose and we experience their desires, their anxieties and their hopes as they share their lives with us and takes us into the communities that they have built. Since many of us have never ventured into this world before, there is a lot to be learned here.

We read ofpride, rage, and hope and our  preconceptions of disability are challenged in fifteen stories about physical identity and the inequities that these men face every day.  Having been a fan of Raymond Luczak for many years, my love for his prose was reinforced by this collection but even more important is that there is so much to be learned here. Because a person is disabled does not mean that he does not have the same desires and aspirations as the rest of us as we see here. They share our sexuality and have the same sexual desires and we need to recognize that. Luczak makes sure that we do.



A Romance

Amos Lassen

Set in the early 2000s, “On the Fringe of Wild” is the story of two young men who fall in love. Peter (Harrison Browne) is a sensitive and shy teen who has dreams of leaving his small Ontario town to become an artist, but his homophobic father (Andrew Bee) is determined to “make him a man” instead. During winter break, his father forces him to go on a hunting trip which becomes very tense and cause Peter to run away.  Lost, cold and near his breaking point, Peter meets Jack (Cameron Stewart) also wants to escape his family situation. A romance quickly develops between the two teens. They hide away in a secluded cabin and find each other and themselves. However, the world outside eventually pulls them back and they must face the very circumstances that causes them to run away.

Peter and Jack wrestle with their sexuality, mental health, and the toxic family dynamics that threaten to drive them apart. While love does not win, they grow to accept themselves as members of the LGBTQ+ community.

​Written by Sorelle Doucet, the film opens with a scene of high school bullying of Peter who is dealing with a terrible home situation. He is intimidated by his parents. His mother, however, tries unsuccessfully to talk sense into her homophobic husband but he is one who yells a lot. He thinks he can “toughen up” his son by roughing it out in the woods and hunting. In another home, Jack is tormented by his drinker of a dad. The high school bully, another character  has his own sexuality issues, sadistic inclinations and a miserable mother. 

When Peter and Jack manage to escape from their dads and meet each other in the woods, they warm up to each other. A cabin becomes the place where they spend some time together.

Director Emma Catalfamo’s film is both inspiring and uncomfortable to watch but it is also important for us to once again see the intolerance that exists in the world.

“DEMIGOD”— A Horror Film


A Horror Film

Amos Lassen

When her grandfather dies, Robin (Rachel Nichols) and her husband Leo (Yohance Myles) return to her birthplace in Germany’s Black Forest where they find a terrifying secret. At her grandfather’s secluded hunting cabin, Robin realizes that the inheritance left behind for her is far more macabre than she had bargained for.

Robin dismisses the legends as stories told after too much whiskey, but things quickly become quite dark as she and her husband are confronted by Druid-like figures who summon forth the horned god. In Celtic traditions, Cernunnos is depicted with large antlers and worshipped as the “lord of wild things.” Historic texts about the god no longer exist and he is often thought to be the god of nature, hunting, and fertility..

Robin learned that her huntsman grandfather has died and left her all his worldly possessions but a terrifying secret forces her to face her family’s past and a mysterious ritual she thought was a fairy tale.

“The Wrong End of the Telescope” by Rabih Alameddine— A Journey

Alameddine, Rabin. “The Wrong End of the Telescope”, Grove Press, 2021.

A Journey

Amos Lassen

In “The Wrong End of the Telescope”, Rabih Alameddine, takes us onan Arab American trans woman’s journey among Syrian refugees on Lesbos island.

Mina Simpson is a Lebanese doctor who arrives at the Moria refugee camp on Lesbos, Greece, after having been urgently summoned for help by her friend who runs an NGO there. She is alienated from her family except for her beloved brother and has avoided being so close to her homeland for decades. Now with a week off work and being away from her wife of thirty years, Mina has hopes of doing something meaningful. A boat comes bringing Sumaiya, a fiercely resolute Syrian matriarch with terminal liver cancer, she is determined to protect her children and husband at all costs. Sumaiya refuses to tell her family about her illness. Sumaiya’s secret brings the two women to a deep connection. As Mina prepares a course of treatment with the limited resources on hand, she faces the circumstances of the migrants’ displacement and her own constraints in helping them.

Alameddine brings together the stories of other refugees with Mina’s own story giving us tragic and amusing portraits of people facing a humanitarian crisis. He looks at the intersection of identity when the present day crisis of Syrian refugees is confronted. 

Mina and Alameddine have a great deal in common. She grew up in Lebanon, has problems  with her family over her sexuality, was able to get to the US as a student, and then stayed. Mina is a middle-aged now, married successful surgeon who has lived as an out trans woman and lesbian for many years. In many ways their lives reflect each other.

When Mina comes to Lesbos to provide medical care and whatever other help she can to the waves of incoming refugees,  she finds that there is not much to really do. One of the central questions of the book is trying to grapple with how the wish to help during a crisis can cause one to feel defeated.  Mina spends a lot of time thinking about her childhood in Lebanon, about how similar she is to the refugees and she relates more strongly to the white helpers than her own people. By working with one particular woman and her family, she is able to cope. Mina does sometimes worry about how others will see her, especially since she knows that trans women are not safe in the communities that the refugees come from.

Queer suffering is part of who she is but it is not the focus the novel. Mina is so fully drawn, however, that her identity as trans is not really relevant. 

Reading this, we face questions about empathy and sympathy and taking care of people causing us to ask questions about our own lives.

Alameddine gives us the stories from a refugee camp in Lesbos and we meet people who usually form part of a labelled group for us— doctors, boat people, refugees, NGO’s. Through his lens they become persons and we can imagine the what would it be for them to be us.

The book was is heart-wrenching and soul-filling with deep characters and a deep and beautiful plot. It is a collection of vignettes that attest to the violence of war and displacement without being sensational.

It combines the biographical with the historical and  personal moments to give us an intimate tale of human connection during disaster.



 The 2021 QueerX Film Festival brings together original content from LGBTQ creators, inclusive of all identities and perspectives. QueerX is at the nexus of the quickly evolving digital music and film industries. 

As a part of the festival Revry, the only LGBTQ-first streaming media network, will presentQueerX TV–a free always-on  TV channel throughout the month of October that will host all of the festival’s “Official Selections” including international LGBTQ documentaries, dramas, comedies and music videos. The channel launched on September 7th  and audiences have the opportunity to screen all the selections and vote, in real time, on their category favorites.The audience will vote via QR codes that appear on the screen of the QueerX TV channel.

“The festival gives a platform to queer voices across the amazingly talented spectrum that is the LGBTQ community,” shares Revry CEO and Co-Founder, Damian Pelliccione. “We want to continue to create a sense of community and belonging tied to our shared experiences. One where artists, industry professionals and enthusiasts alike can connect and uplift each other from a community and industry perspective.”   

Key Festival Highlights include:

·         September 7th- October 31st: QueerX TV Presented by Lexus premiered on Revry and viewers can screen all the festival selections and vote for their favorite selections from the Comedy, Documentary, Drama, Feature and Music Video categories until September 30th. 

·         October 11th: On National Coming Out Day, the QueerX Live! Virtual Awards show will stream live on Revry with musical performances, special screenings of the winning films, as well as Revry’s annual honoring of influential celebrities who have made an impact on the community with the 2021 Revry Visibility Awards. 

QueerX is proud to have Lexus as its Grand Sponsor. This year’s travel partner is The Florida Keys/Key West. This year’s media partners include; The Advocate, Out, Pride, Plus,Out Traveler, and Queerty. Key community partner Black Women Lead has also signed on for the festival.

Upcoming announcements include: Virtual music performances as well as Visibility Award Winners. Past awardees, industry participants, and sponsors include Tyler Oakley, Gigi Gorgeous, Dan Reynolds, LoveLoud, Tegan and Sara, Hannah Hart, Ari Fitz, Bebe Zahara Benet, Amber’s Closet, Viacom, EOne, IFC, Funny or Die, Brian Graden Media, Seed&Spark, Adaptive Studios and Powderkeg Media. 

QueerX 2020 Official Selections Program Includes 



99 (Dir. Safi Jafri)

Beauty Boys Dir. Florent Gouelou)

Candis For President (Dir. Michelle Peerali)

Delivery Boy (Dir. Hugo Kenzo)

Demonhuntr Episodes 1-3 (Dir. Tim O’Leary)

Friends Like That (Dir. Francesca de Fusco)

Hell No (Dir. Teddy Alexis Rodriguez)

in[APP]licable (Dir. Cam Owen)

Mountain Lodge 

New Flesh for the Old Ceremony (Dir. Elizabeth Rakhilkina)

Pete Can’t Play Basketball


Show For Ghosts (James Medley, Em Haverty)

Supreme (Dir. Youssef Youssef)

The Fae (Dir. Shelton Lindsay, Nessa Norich)

The Safety Plan (Dir. Jesse Randall)

Eat the Rainbow (Dir. Brian Benson)

Sweater (Dir. Nick Borenstein)


Four FruitBites


Being Sascha (Dir. Manuel Gübeli)

Dani Boi (Dir. TBC)

êmîcêtôsêt-Many Bloodlines (Dir. Theola Ross)


I Live Here (Dir. Shane Watson)

I’ll Cry Tomorrow 


Inferno (Dir. Andrew Blackman)

Is It Me 

Look Up! (Dir.Monty Wolfe) 

Marielle and Monica (Dir. Fábio Erdos)

My Neighbor, Miguel (Dir. Danny Navarro)

My Own Wings (Dr. Katia Repina and Carla Moral)

Once a Fury (Dir. Jacqueline Rhodes)

Proud to Be (Dir. Sam Meneses, Kyra Knox)


Sensorium (Dir. Elliot Mercer)

Surviving Voices – The Substance Use & Recovery Community

Sweet Sweet Kink: A Collection of BDSM Stories

Taiwan Pride for the World

Through the Windows (Dir. Bret Parker, Petey Barma)

To Love and Back (Dir. Jakov Sedlar)

Venture Out 

We are the Radical Monarchs (Dir. Linda Goldstein Knowlton)

We Will Be Heard 

What Do You See

Where My Girls 

Of self-blessing

Stephen & James: Best Girlfriends (Dir. Dave Quantic)

Zero to Eighty (Dir. Patrick Ryan Gass)

Dennis: The Man Who Legalized Cannabis (Dir. Brandon Moore)


Between Two Lines

We Dig!

Park View (Dir. Tab Ballis)


75 Cents (Dir. Safi Jafri)

Afternoon Sun (Dir. Gonçalo Pina)

ÃH (Dir. Alex El Dahdah)

Aimee Victoria (Dir. Chrystee Pharris)

Amor Sangue Dor (Love Blood Pain)

Aye, Boy 

Bakla (Dir. Brandon English and Michael Thór)

Deviant (Dir. Benjamin Howard)

Disciple (Dir. Sebastian LaCause)


Edible (Dir. Kandis Golden)


First Love (Dir. Florent Gouelou)

First Position. (Dir. Michael Elias Thomas)

Flood (Dir. Joseph Amenta)

Freed (Dir. Josza Anjembe)

Glances (Dir. Aleksei Borovikov)

Hugo 6 : 30 (Dir. Simon Helloco, James Maciver)

Iftah (Dir. Moti Rachamim)

In Case of Fire (Dir. Tomás Paula Marques)

In the Paint (Dir. Bryce Ferendo)

Juliet (Dir. Irina Storozhenko)

MC Jess (Dir. Carla Villa-Lobos) 

Mino: A Diasporic Myth (Dir. Ashunda Norris)


Our Bed Is Green

Parry Riposte (Dir. Goldbloom Micomonaco)


Save the Queen (Dir. Levin Hübner)

Simone is gone (Dir. Mathilde Chavanne)


Smoke, Lilies and Jade (Dir. Deondray and Quincy LeNear Gossfield)

Teddy Mate (Dir. Rommel Villa)

The Change Up (Dir. Jordan Auten)

The One You Never Forget 


Thirst Trap (Dir. Steve Flavin)

To Take a Step with You (Dir. Martin Del Carpio)

Together Again 

Top Ten Places to Visit in São Paulo

Two Men by the Sea (Dir. Gabriel Motta)

Where do the sounds go (Dir. Florent Gouëlou)

Funeral March 

Coming Out

Fernanda’s Spring

Tell-by Date

The Heirs

I Bleed


Trade (Dir. Trae Briers)

Unwelcome Advances (Dir. Ricardo Alvarado)

Don Filipo (Dir. Tim Munoz)

Apricot Groves


Be My Light 

Colours (Dir. Amandine Navarro)

Cymbol ‘Best Friends’ 

Happy in Hell (Dir. Saalika Khan)

Here We Stand (Dir. Paco Beltrán)

Left for Dead (Dir. Tab Ballis)

Lights, Camera, Action [Official Music Video] (Dir. Maya Table)

Live It Up (Dir. Sabrina Petrini and Naemi Jaworowski)

Livin’ in the Light (Dir. Hannah Hefner and Emmanuel Henreid)

Please Boy (Dir. John Tancredi)

Sarah Mary Chadwick “Full Mood” (Dir. Tristan Scott-Behrends)

Waiting by Racquel

We Can’t Breathe (Dir. Miranda Winters, Rocky Romano)

High Road No. 6

Walking Progress

About QueerX

Originally founded as Out Web Fest in 2016, QueerX broke the mold of other festivals by giving prominence to honest and unfiltered digital short-form storytelling. Beyond screenings, this unique festival also invites cutting edge musicians to showcase their sound through live performances including panels with top industry experts, providing ample opportunity to meet future collaborators and build professional relationships. QueerX aims to create a space where artists, industry professionals and enthusiasts alike can connect while exploring the future of queer entertainment.

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Revry is the LGBTQ-first streaming media network with free live TV, movies, series, news and exclusive Original programming amounting to over 5,000 titles. Its mission is to inspire exploration of LGBTQ content for the community and allies. Revry is led by a diverse founding team with technology, digital media, and LGBTQ advocacy experience. Revry reaches millions of global viewers on connected TV, Smart TV, OTT and mobile platforms including Samsung, Vizio, Roku, Apple, Comcast Xfinity, Cox Communications, Google,TiVo, and many others.