ROBIN ANDERSON is, an internationally known Author and Interior Designer. Born in Scotland he was brought up in the former Southern Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) and South Africa. Before attending Rhodes University he hosted his own radio programme in Rhodesia (‘The Golden Voice of Teenage Half Hour’!) and worked as a cub reporter on ‘The Bulawayo Chronicle’ during his gap year.

Leaving South Africa he spent the Sixties working with interior design companies in Paris and London before setting up his own London-based company in 1970. Although Interior Design had been his first interest, ROBIN never stopped writing. Nowadays he is a popular guest lecturer with venues ranging from private literary luncheons and evenings plus being invited as a guest speaker at The South Bank, The Royal Festival Hall in London. If you’re researching designers for your own home, take a look at this TV stand with bracket which would fit perfectly in any scheme.

His first novel REGINA, A NOVEL OF SOME EXTREMES! published in 1998 (now up-dated and “up-bitched!”) gives a salacious look ‘behind the scenes’ of the glamorous but bitchy and competitive world of interior design. This was followed by a ten year ‘fallow’ period when, due to an accident on a building site in 2007, ROBIN found himself hospitalised for several months. ‘I wasn’t at all ill,’ he recounts, ‘but pretty smashed up and apart from my arms and upper torso, was in plaster. It was out of pure frustration I wrote RED SNAPPER, a dark-humoured “chiller-thriller” concerning a serial mutilator as opposed to killer. To quote the dubious hero, “Forced to live with their horrendous mutilations they really do suffer and for time eternal; n’est-ce pas?”’


Following the high successful REGINA and RED SNAPPER there have been many more novels made up of “chiller-thrillers” along with the hugely popular LA DI DA DI BLOODY DA! series. ROBIN has also written two volumes of short stories titled 6 + 6 + 6 – EIGHTEEN TALES OF TEXTUAL TITILLATION (Volumes 1 and 2) comprising of eighteen OTT (over-the-top) tales and several novellas.


ROBIN is a strong believer in the protection of endangered species and during 1959 he took part in the international event dubbed OPERATION NOAH which saw the rescue of hundreds of animals from the rising waters of the new Kariba Dam being built across the mighty Zambezi River in the north western part of the now Zimbabwe.

Inspired by OPERATION NOAH and in complete contrast to his usual books, compilations of short stories and novellas, ROBIN has also written a children’s book, the highly successful FOUR ZIMBABWEAN ADVENTURE TALES.

Prince George and Princess Charlotte are among the many children enjoying these charming animal stories.

He is also the proud ‘foster parent’ of four Orang-utans living at the famous Orang-utan sanctuary in Sepilok, Borneo plus two elephants, Marlene and Marlon, who live happily on a ranch in Zimbabwe.

In contrast to the above ROBIN also helped with the salvaging of precious works of art and manuscripts in Florence when the River Arno burst its banks in the Sixties and flooded a major part of the ancient city.


An inveterate traveller – a factor which becomes apparent from the varied settings for his novels – places such as The Amazon, The Yucatan, Borneo, Myanmar, China, Russia, Japan, Sri Lanka, Egypt, Israel, Morocco, Kenya, Australia, Mauritius, North and South America, Canada, Central Europe, most of the Mediterranean countries and last but not least Cuba and the Caribbean Islands have all been visited.


ROBIN has walked The Inca Trail in Peru and climbed Mount Kinabalu in Borneo – ‘Whereby hangs another tale!’

In between his travels ROBIN lives in a spectacular apartment in London’s exclusive Chelsea. He also maintains a small hideaway in a fourteenth Italian village set high in the breathtaking Cinque Terre Mountains overlooking the Mediterranean, east of Portofino.

Children’s books:

Anderson, Robin. “Never a ‘Craft’ Moment”, CreateSpace, 2018.

A Memoir

Amos Lassen

Robin Anderson is the most prolific author I know and his tongue-in-cheek writings have kept me entertained during the 12 years I have been reviewing. Because he is such a versatile writer, it is hard to classify when he writes. It is satirical, erotic, shocking, sometimes blasphemous, adventurous and always funny; Anderson’s sense of humor is constant. I believe that he has as much fun writing them as I do reading his stories. What I really love about Robin Anderson is his the way he builds his characters. Both his plots and his characters border on the near obscene and I mean that positively. It is one think to write erotica in trash English and it is something else completely to write literary smut. Robin Anderson writes literary smut and he can do so because his use of language who is so excellent. I believe the only way to describe what he writes is outrageous.

Now in his memoir, it is difficult to know what is memory and what is imagination. Actually it makes no difference since this is a fun read. I really have no idea how to summarize the plot and even if I tried I would not do it justice. While it is not written in the stream of consciousness, it is written to take you to places you have never been before and probably never even heard of. Robin Anderson himself describes this book as a “sumptuous feast of savoury and unsavoury [the British spelling] delights” and a phrase like that shows why he is a writer and I am not. The characters that you will meet here are unlike any you have ever met and they are part of a read unlike any you have ever read before. Do as I do—float in, turn on and enjoy. More than that you do not need to do but if you feel you do want to delve deeper, that is also a possibility.


OystersAnderson, Robin, “Oysters Aweigh!”, Createspace, 2014.

Once Again with Style

Amos Lassen

I don’t know how Robin Anderson does it—he turns out book after book, never repeats himself and always gives us a good read. The drag queens that we have come to love, Miz M and Miz K are back for yet another adventure that fills us with adventure and keeps us laughing. We have been with them now in five books (“LA DI DA DI BLOODY DA!” was followed by SILVER PUBLISHING taking on “TRANNYS TO TIARAS!” – then “MAHARAJAS, MYSTICS & MASALA” – then “WOW! POW! & PERSUASIONS” and now “OYSTERS AWEIGH!” which is out electronically on MARCH 23RD–this weekend and there is still another “TRIPLE OH HEAVEN” on its way). By the way, all of these are reviewed here and I am getting ready to give Robin Anderson his own page on my site.

In “Oysters”, the “girls” are kidnapped by Somali pirates, climb a pyramid and hunt for sunken treasure. They seem to have noses for trouble and what is their trouble is our laughter. Their travels are as legendary as their reputations and this time they go to Abu Dhabi, Zanzibar and Buenos Aires and you can be certain that where they go trouble follows. It is amazing what a strand of pearls can cause but remembering former first lady Barbara Bush’s penchant for pearls, it is understandable what keeps the “Mizzes” going.

Anderson always populates his novels with casts of eccentric characters and this book is no exception. We meet “eccentric billionaire Mo Midas Frump, Nebuchadnezzar and his duplicitous sidekick Codpies”. The intrigue never stops and neither do the laughs or the mayhem. As the girls say, “If you wish pearls with your oysters dahlings you’d best string along!”

Anderson wrote his first book, “Regina” in 1998 and then took a break until 2007 and since then he was published eighteen novels, three volumes of short stories and three children’s books.

Amo Amas Amassive Full outlined.jpegAnderson, Robin. “Amo Amas Amassive!”, Createspace.

Who is Anders Gudmundsun?

Amos Lassen

Robin Anderson has to be one of the most prolific writers of gay fiction around but I need to clarify that. There are many prolific writers around but their output is not always successful whereas Anderson never runs out of unique ideas. When you combine that with being a great storyteller, you always get a good read.

“Amo Amas Amassive!” is about Anders Gudmundsun and there is something very strange about him. His mother, Elizabeth, is very protective of her son so we know that there is a story there. Then there is his sister, Nicki, who lives in South Africa and was never mentioned before and she has a son named Toby that Anders knows nothing about and why should he? He did not even know he had a sister.

Elizabeth and Anders live at “The White House” in what Anderson calls “splendid isolation” yet they are not completely alone. With them is a ghost-like butler, Specter (great name), a doctor, Dr. Ludo Meyer (who says he is a doctor), Charles Harevy, a lawyer and Westfield who we really do not know what he does. Then there are the other people in Anders’s ménage a trios, Nicki, his sister and Damien Hilsborough (whose name alone makes him sound quite sinister).

As can be expected with Robin Anderson, the cast of characters is epic and little by little we learn of each of them and of the plots and subplots that come together to give us such a good read.

Annie Corbett is desperate to find her missing boyfriend, Rory, has teamed up with Anders, Lars and Torstein and threesome are suddenly involved in a series of strange happenings that lead to the discovery of who Anders really is and why he is different. The mysteries abound and right at the center is Anders. Did he have anything to do with the death of his very rich billionaire father? What about the disappearance of Rory? What is the true story about his parents’ honeymoon and why did Elizabeth stay in South Africa when her husband went to London?

As the questions grow in number so does the cast and Toby, a South African cousin and his friend David join the group and they eventually join Lars and Torstein to find out who is this Anders and why is he different. This is where I stop telling you about the plot and move on to Robin Anderson who most definitely should be better known in North America. With the help of Silver Publishing that is going to happen and take it from me—it only takes one Anderson book to pull you in and make you a fan. He even manages to make the sense of mystery in his books seem to be more mysterious. Rarely will you have such fun solving a mystery and that is because I am sure that Anderson has mapped it all out very carefully. It takes a special writer who has you laughing as you are puzzled about the plot and it really begins to bother you that we do not know who this Anders is. He is obviously unlike everyone else and is the main character yet we realize we really don’t know he is. Even as some of the questions are answered, we are still not sure about him and what really makes this a unique read is that the other characters also do not know who he is.

On a more personal note, I am truly flattered that Robin Anderson has dedicated this book to me and even more interesting that during the month of February 2013, I have had the honor of having two books dedicated to me (and I am not planning on leaving this world anytime soon).


Anderson, Robin. “The Blow Go Bar”, Createspace.

“An Improbable Fairy Tale for Adults”

Amos Lassen

Everyone loves a good story and that is perhaps the reason that there will always be fairy tales. But did we ever stop to think about changing the endings so that everyone does not live happily ever after? How would life be different if the ugly duckling did not become beautiful and remained as ugly as before? Robin Anderson takes that perspective and gives us an alternative fairy tale. His story is set in Fotzeland, a country that holds onto its past and its heritage. In 2013, “Them” decide that the time has come to revolt and oust the other “Them” in a clever coup d’état (better referred to as a “coup de foudre” or a “coup de grace”).

A parody on government in the world today, we have a double-crossing president in waiting, Puba, and a glamorous QT who owns the Blow Go Bar. As usual we get an unforgettable cast of characters, a wonderful narrative and biting satire. This is definitely not a book for everyone but it is a fun and laugh inducing read.



Anderson, Robin. “Still Life: The Resurrection”, Nazca Plains Reprint, 2013.

What Characters!

Amos Lassen

We have yet another Robin Anderson title here but this one is quite different than some of his other books as it has the wildest cast of characters that I have seen in a very long time. Moving between England, Italy and Morocco there is a lot of black humor in “Still Life” which deal with the “commonplace” themes of love, money and greed in a very uncommon way. You have to get on the roller coaster and travel at breakneck speed to follow all the goings on.

Ethelred Jones is a film director of fame who was responsible for wild films who bathes in his own glory (much of which is self-imposed). Clytemnestra is his beautiful wife, Charles Conrad is a doctor, Monday, a black man is his man Friday, and Trisomy is a woman who thinks she is a child and has had better days. They all come together here as do fireworks. But there are other dysfunctional characters.

Oswald Argent is a self-loving actor wannabe and he takes a part in a movie named “Still Life”. He goes to the home of Ethelred and Clytemnestra, a mansion on an isolated island and he learns quickly about his film role. Then we have Bryan Scima, Oswald’s ex who comes along and meets Sir Miles, a man who develops property and who has done quite well and sets up house with him. As can be expected a series of very strange happenings ensue that mix violence, glamour and craziness. In fact, so much goes on that you need to take periodic breaks while reading or you will most definitely burn out. I was wiped out when I finished the book but it was a good feeling. I had one problem, however. The print is very small and it made reading a bit difficult for me but I persevered and I can add one more Robin Anderson book to my resume (whatever that means).

Anderson is one of the authors that surprise us every time he has a new book out. About the only thing I can be sure of it that he will ne irreverent and that is what I love most about him. His characters and their situations are so outré that he can only carry them off because he is such a good writer and has done such serious planning. His humor is dark but never morose and his drag queens are endearing. His version is “Still Life” carries the subtitle of “The Resurrection” because that is exactly what Robin Anderson has done. He has taken his original novel written some three years ago and revised it thus allowing us to enjoy it once again.


reginaAnderson, Robin. “Regina: A Novel of Some Extremes”, Createspace.

Stereotyping Time and Character

Amos Lassen

I do not know how Robin Anderson does it— he is excessively prolific but even more than that is every book he writes is a gem. Granted some gems need a bit more polish than others but Anderson’s gems sparkle all the time and they sparkle with wonderful wit. Anderson takes us back to the 1960’s and 70’s where we meet the droll Regina, an effeminate interior decorator. As the business increases, Regina becomes more and more greedy and she sets out on a journey of his own self-destruction. And as he destroys herself, we can be sure that he destroys others. We all know someone like him who delights in others’ hard times but is left alone when her troubles begin. Regina thinks that wit will cure all but it is obvious that this is not the case. The novel is narrated by Regina’s lover and he seems to be the person who suffers the most from Regina. We root for him and are taken in by his naiveté.

If you have ever read anything by Anderson, you know he can pack more into a novel than others usually do and “Regina” is no exception. As usual with Robin Anderson, I choose not to discuss the plots but it is enough to say that the book will totally pull you in and keep you reading until you close the covers. Be careful though—reading Robin Anderson is addictive.


Wow-PowAnderson, Robin. “Wow! Pow! & Persuasions” (“La Di Da Di Bloody Da!” Series #4 ), Createspace, 2014.

They’re Back!!

Amos Lassen

I do not know how Robin Anderson does it. He constantly turns out books that are just fun to read and are either the products of a warped mind or a genius. He builds unforgettable characters that do unforgettable things in unforgettable situations. More than anything else though, he keeps us laughing and does so by combining the best aspects of LGBT life with some of the drollest prose I have ever read. (An example of Anderson’s wild imagination is that he likes my reviews and has even dedicated one of his books to me which does not mean, as some may think, that he will always get good reviews from me). I am patiently waiting to be able to say that he has written a real stinker but I do not see that happening.

We are back here with the outrageous “tranvestites of taste! not tackiness”, Miz Miranda Maracona and Miz Kookie Kombuis and they again have a mission. They travel the world getting into mischief at every stop and cause people to stop and stare. I wish I could share the plot with you but because this is something of a mystery, I must be careful that I give nothing away but I will give you a hint—they visit a restaurant cum den of iniquity named “The Purple Scrotum” but this is just one stop that includes the Arabian desert, the Far East, Singapore and Myanmar and they wreak havoc wherever they go. The “girls” will keep you on the edge of your seat…laughing and enjoying the wonderful prose (and some sexy scenes) that author Anderson gives us. Yes this is sequel number three bringing the girls together for the fourth time and I can only wonder if number five is not far behind.


Anderson, Robin. “Jan Unleashed”, 2012.

Following a Star

Amos Lassen

Meet Jan VB Pedroza, international star. Her career is nothing short of amazing. She goes for what she wants and destroys anything and anyone who stands in her way. If you are familiar with Robin Anderson’s writing, then you already know that you can expect a wacky plot with wacky characters and no one knows how to write about wackiness like Robin Anderson. His books are travelogues, in a sense, and we go along for the ride. When Jan meets photographer Bazil Bruno things get wild. Jan moves from “dumpy schoolgirl” to international star and she is just so crazy that following her escapades is sheer fun. Jan is totally outrageous and nothing stands in her way.


“From rampant bullfighters; steamy sitar players; testosterone-infused taxi drivers; a pool man; a President and a Wolf Creek type scenario to deter even the most stalwart of souls, the original ugly duckling now Jan VB “UnleashedPedroza with her “The Angle and The Dangle” conquers all”. And this is a book that will have you yelling for more. Anderson has the ability to create unforgettable characters who lead unforgettable lives and we are so lucky that he shares them with us. I have quite a collection of Robin Anderson titles and I never tire of them and have found that they are that much better the second and third time. If you have never read Anderson, here is a great place to start.


Divoon-Daddy-FullAnderson, Robin. “Divoon Daddy”, Createspace.

Friends and Family

Amos Lassen

Those of you who regularly read my reviews know that I am a huge fan of Robin Anderson. He is innovative, imaginative and has a huge sense of humor but before I read this book, I had not seen how totally beserk he could get.. He is also one of the most prolific authors writing today and while I love this book, I am really waiting for the next one but I cannot yet say why.


Madeleine (Maddy) Marie Jensen is very proud of her “divoon daddy”. She and her fiancé Harry begin quite an adventure because of “DD” and are soon joined by their love child, Tallulah and her boyfriend, Toby. They go from London to Paris to South Africa to the Caribbean and this is one of the most riotous journeys you will ever read about. They are joined by an unbelievably believable cast of characters which includes Maddy’s mother and her friend Delores Mayo, her sometimes lover, Georgio, Timothy Sanders-Snype, a ruthless and feminine interior decorator, the devious Tembo, Michael Cole, a double dealer and of course, Divoon Daddy, himself.

Anderson is known for creating wild characters and he outdoes himself here. These are bigger than life and totally ridiculous yet endearing at the same time and when they all come together, mayhem ensues. While the action is, shall we say, somewhat “obscene”, Anderson writes with total class, style and grace and what may at first seem “blue” actually becomes farcical and in good fun. I am sure that Anderson is laughing with us as we read. The dialogue is not for the faint-of-heart but then none of this is meant to be taken seriously anyway and I tell you that this is a remedy that is sure to pull anyone out of a foul mood or mild depression. I was left wondering how I would react if I suddenly found myself in company such as this and if that ever happens; I will just remember what I read here. Was it Bette Midler or Sophie Tucker who said, “F*** ‘em if they can’t take a joke”?


13talesv3_largeAnderson, Robin. “Thirteen Tales of Textual Arousal Vol. 3″, Createspace

“Once Again…Another Thirteen Tales”

?Amos Lassen

I admit it – I am a huge fan of Robin Anderson and there are more reviews of his work than any other single author here on my site and there are still more coming. The man is a writing machine but I mean that positively. He has never disappointed and his diversity is amazing. This is third collection of stories guaranteed to arouse. This collection is a bit different in that the stories are biblically and classically reference yet in their own way they are quite dark and I doubt you will find any stories like this in classical or Biblical writings. In fact the word erotic takes on a whole new meaning here. In fact the only eroticism you find in these stories is important and what I call literary erotica. I am not even sure that what we read here could even be classified as erotica—it is more a kind of black humor. The writing is polished and slick which makes reading a pleasure and for myself, who does not even like reading short stories, I was amazed at how much I enjoyed these. The tales included here are:
“Hell Hath No Fury”
“Why Is It So Fucking Difficult to Die?”
“Orchids are Awkward”
“Dance Till You Drop”
“A Tudor Tale”
“With this Lead”
“Hope Springs Eternal”
“Bewildering Billiards”
“Adam’s Rib”
“Come Into the Garden, Claude”
“The Christening”
“86% Full”
“The Wobbling Dish”

Just from the titles you can see that Anderson has a way with words and a quick wit. In the billiards story you learn that a cue is not always a stick and a garden that Claude ventured into is not the typical garden that we think of. It is Anderson’s ability to play with language and with characters that makes him so totally readable and enjoyable. I could, of course, give a short summary of each story but that would deprive you of the same pleasure I had as I read and I do not want to do that. I will say that you cannot go wrong with reading Robin Anderson and if you have not yet done so then you missing some really good times.

Anderson, Robin. “Thirteen Tales of Textual Arousal Vol. 2”,
The Nazca Plains Corporation, 2012.

Mischief, Murder, Mystery and the Macabre

Amos Lassen

Warning: Reading Robin Anderson, while not in any way disastrous to our health, it will make you lose sleep. Anderson is one of the most prolific authors who is writing today and while I have no idea how he does it, he keeps getting better and better. I believe that I have read everything he has written and never been bored. His two great skills are building characters and using satire and he really shines at both. He also happens to be a wonderful story teller and each of his books is unique.

Anderson now gives us a second volume of “Thirteen Tales of Textual Arousal” and it is a gem. Like the title says the book is a baker’s dozen and a fun read. In fact, it is so much fun that I did not stop reading until I had read them all. I am quite sure that Sophie, my Jack Russell terrorist must have thought that I had really lost it because I laughed all the way through. Anderson is a totally irreverent writer. As the book’s blurb says, “To create a perfect pot-pourri of mischief, murder, mystery, the macabre and more take one kilt, one Zhivago, a Siamese cat, a taxi, a cough, a pencil, a portrait, a mouse trap, a wannbe (sic) chef, cobblestones, a rattan screen, dentures and a sprinkling of nursery rhymes, blend well and indulge yourself with THIRTEEN aphrodisiac flavours!”.

Just to give you an idea of what is in store for you, let me share the titles of some of the stories: “Schlong of India”, “Peter the Perfidious Plumber”, “Well Fuck Me Sport!”, and “Chop Phooey”. The use of description is seen throughout all of the stories and the prose is beautifully lush.

I always have a rough time reviewing short stories because to be really fair I should review each of them but to do so gives away what is a total reading experience so let it suffice to say that this is a book that you need to read. You probably will soon find yourself to be a Robin Anderson groupie like me and that is not a bad thing at all. In fact, it is a glorious feeling.

Anderson, Robert. “Zimbabwean Tales”, 2011.

Delightful Original Folktales from Zimbabwe

Amos Lassen

I must admit that I know nothing about Zimbabwe except what I hear on the news. By surprise I received a package with Robert Anderson’s three stories about the country and my curiosity got the best of me and I sat down to read and did not stop until I had finished reading the three tales I was sent. Anderson knows Zimbabwe well and he really knows how to write and these stories that are written primarily for young readers had me mesmerized.



“The Adventures of Maisie the Meerkat & Buntie the Bushbaby-The Rescue of the Queen of Sheba’s Jewels” takes place about eight hundred years ago in Zimbabwe which was at that time the name of the town. Argo is a young Phoenician and his dog, Taurus, along with the rest of the family, has moved in. Dino, his father, is treasurer to the Queen of Sheba. As youngsters do, Argo wastes no time making friends and he became close to Masie the Meerkat, Arnold the Anteater and Bunti the Bushbaby. Kofi, the son of the queen’s head guard became his special friend.

Youngsters love adventure and Anderson gives us a wonderful one when a plan is hatched to steal the queen’s jewels. Of course, our boys are going to save the day and the treasures. Argo enlists the help of his African friends and Cuthbert and Cornelius the Crocodiles, Victor the Velvet Monkey and his monkey friends, Hinjinda, a witchdoctor and others. The story is pure pleasure and I must commend the writer on the names of the characters. I can the faces of children lighting up as they meet them.



“The Adventures of Fi the Firefly & Mombassa the Millipede –The Foiling of Hideous & Heidi the Hyenas’ Horrible Plot!” is the second tale and the fun and adventure continue. Zimbabwe is filled with excitement over the upcoming “Zimbabwe Follies”. There are acts already signed up to participate—Fi the Firefly, Myrtle the Mongoose, Percy the Porcupine and others. Hideous the Hyena and Heidi, his sister want to participate but this causes a problem because Scott and Scarlett, the Fabulous Flamingos are to judge the follies. The hyenas do not pass the audition and get a scathing review from local gossip columnist, Liz the Lizard. Hideous and Heidi are out for revenge and plan to bomb the show. Our other characters (animals) learn of the plan and. Of course, save the day.



“The Adventures of Lucy the Baboon and Charlie the Cheetah”, the third tale and here we meet David Lowles and his friend, Phineas. They live on a farm a bit away from the capital of what is now Zimbabwe. David adopts Lucy, a baboon and Charlie, a cheetah, orphans and the four become fast friends. David learns that he can speak the language of his friends. He is quite upset about animals that are living on islands that have been formed by the rising Zambezi River and the dam. The four decide to rescue the animals and bring them to solid ground on the mainland. Before they know they have others helping them (Ralph and his wife Cherry, a game ranger, Stephen the Stork, Simba, the lion cub, Rhonda the Rhino and calf, Rodney. Lucy and Charlie are concerned about their relatives in the area known as Kariba and want to rescue them. With the story coming to an end, we learn that David later becomes a veterinarian and opens a game reserve he names after Lucy and Charlie. Everyone stays in touch but we have to return to reality and leave these wonderful stories behind.

The tales are available on Kindle and are actually three separate reads. Anderson shows us his love for Zimbabwe with these wonderfully crafted stories. I imagine he had as much fun writing them as we do reading them.

Visit the author’s website:



Anderson, Robin. “Trannys to Tiaras!: Where la Di Da Di Bloody Da! Ends, Another Outrageous Tale Begins”, Createspace, 2014.

Right Place, Wrong Time

Amos Lassen

Yes, yes I know the title is very long but this is a big book—519 pages. However, it reads very quickly and I suspect that is because it is not only well written but a lot of fun. I actually read the entire book yesterday afternoon and I am still thinking about it. I am a real Robin Anderson fan and the only problem I have with him is that he writes too many books too quickly. I never have to worry about when a new one is coming out because I usually get one before I have a chance to worry.

With this being a sequel to “La Di Da Di Bloody Da”, I was already familiar with the characters, Miranda Maracona and Kookie Kombuis (oops, I should have put “Miz” in front of their names but I am sure they will forgive me because I am going to say nice things about them). They are tranny heroines and are now involved in a diamond smuggling caper. However, some funny things happened on the way to the caper that takes them around the world from London to Nambia and they manage to get into all kinds of trouble and all because they were in the right place at the wrong time or was it the wrong place at the right time? It really makes no difference just so they keep us laughing.

Anderson’s tyrannys are larger than life and so are their adventures. They are totally outrageous yet it is their outrageousness that allows them to deal with the people they meet—from Svetlana to wicked to HIV (Henry I. Victor), the nasty double dealer and Pedro Gonzales (el Senor), a devious evil smiling drug dealer. Let me just say that this is a helluva fun read and I do not want to give anything away to spoil your fun. Robin Anderson is not only a writer he is a total experience. You will never look at transvestites in the same way again.

defunct_gristleAnderson, Robin. “Defunct Gristle”, The Nazca Plains Corporation, 2011.

An Unappetizing Title for a Very Readable Book

Amos Lassen

Anthony Fortesque is very, very angry and an angry drag queen is nothing nice. We see that he did not fully understand the intentions of one Hamish MacFadden and his set him off. Hamish has everything a well adorned drag queen could want only he does not want Anthony. Anthony wants a “big white hunter” and he soon realizes that Hamish is not at all fond of hunting (and not of Anthony either). What is a “gurl” to do but seek revenge and Antony enlists Petra Gonzales and Mike and Damon and things get very evil. What had once been an African dream for Anthony changes into a nightmare and we are there.

Anderson has lived in Africa so he knows what he is talking about. However if the characters are based upon people he know, I am a bit worried about him, ere is another dark adventure in the Anderson style and it has the expected twists and turns and larger than life characters. Because the plot is meant to be experienced by every reader, I can give nothing away but I will say that this is Robin Anderson writing at his peak.

versusAnderson, Robin. “Versus”, Createspace

Life in Porn

Amos Lassen

I do not know how Robin Anderson does it—this is the ninth book of his that I have read and am reviewing and he never gets stale. He always manages to us something new and that is well written and full of wit. In “Versus” he takes a look at the British gay porn industry. I don’t know Robin personally; only through his books but he is obviously some kind of Renaissance Camilla man with many different interests and he also seems to have really good insight into what goes on behind the scenes in the porn world.

His characters are always larger than life and a bit off-center. Here we meet Camilla Galsworthy, a fag hag film producer and her star, Abel Seamen and when these two get together, sparks fly. When several porn stars are suddenly put out to pasture…well, you can imagine that something serious is going on. Enter Detective Pucker Unsworth who has come to find out exactly what is going on and he is determined to find the guilty person. What goes down from that point is for you to find out by reading the book. I surely do not want to spoil your fun and your chance for an excellent read. Just take my word for it—when you read Robin Anderson, it is impossible not to be hooked.



Anderson, Robin. “Bruised Fruit”, The Nazca Plains Corporation, 2011.

Meet Jeremy Spiers

Amos Lassen

I must admit that Robin Anderson’s books have become a guilty pleasure for me and I am fortunate that he keeps supplying me with reading material. I have already lost count but I know that I have five more reviews of his new writings ready to go.

“Bruised Fruit” will keep you reading and laughing and the character of Jeremy Spiers is unforgettable. As a child he was precocious and obnoxious, doing things like frying his pet mice and boiling his sister’s goldfish. Now that he has grown up to be an elegant and sophisticated man, he feels that his future will lead him to great things but with amusements that are quite sinister. He is a flirt and he is a king (or better put, a “queen” maker) and he managed to guide the career of Franchot “Tone” Seaton, a black artist who has been internationally hailed. Spiers used an undertaker’s digs to create the successful Spiers-Seaton Fine Arts. Tone’s uncle adds to the story by leading us to places most would not dare to go and Howie, a no-goodnik, and art critic, Giles and thinks just go crazy.

However, come hell or high water, Spiers is ambitious and nothing can stop him. He is determined for success and uses whatever it takes to become the man that he feels he is destined to become. However, this cannot be achieved with a good bit of terror and a lot of comedy for the reader. I do not think we have ever had a character like him and I doubt we shall see another.

Anderson’s forte is building characters and each of his books has at least one, if not more, unforgettable one. His writing is smooth and he has a knack for the language (maybe because he is British) and he is a master storyteller. I am glad to say that this book is available here in America which is great for us because many of his others are not. We can only hope that they all will reach American shores soon. Anderson is quite prolific and his books keep coming but it is a pity that we do not yet have all of them here.



Anderson, Robin. “Paul Dot Go”, The Nazca Plains Corporation, 2011.

Another Great Read from Robin Anderson

Amos Lassen

I do not know how Robin Anderson does it. He constantly writes entertaining books that have good stories and keeps me laughing. We are finally being introduced to his work as some of his books are now available in America.

Our hero this time is William (Wan. W) Wandsworth, a portrait painter who uses diversity in the backgrounds of his works. They can be set anywhere from a farmyard to a cemetery and from a modern urban center to an Italian castle circa 14th century. It is not his painting we are concerned with but his life which is one hijink after another. He is odds with Harry Humphries, an interior designer and pop idol, Tommy Tyler. What William wants is legendary status while he still lives and he surrounds himself with a very strange menagerie of friends. There are two dwarfs (can I say that?), Paul and Nelson, Skids, a major domo and his very dark friend, Rufus. Then there is Prince Albert, and Mic Sanford who finds himself embroiled in William’s ambitions who lusts after Harry.

There is no guessing where the plot goes and guessing gets you nothing. I won’t disclose any of that so you can enjoy it for yourself. There is yet another character who is the total William nemesis, a man by the name of Paul.Go.

As I said, there are lots of laughs and lots of fun and it is all presented to us in Anderson’s glorious prose with a side serving of tongue-in-cheek. Believe me, this is one you do not want to miss. If you have never read Robin Anderson, this is a good place to start and if you are already a fan, it will cement that.


Fabulous life


Anderson, Robin. “Sebastian and Seline”, Createspace.

The Fabulous Life

Amos Lassen

Robin Anderson has a great knack for satire and he uses it on the beautiful people and he is very funny if not caustic.

Sebastian and Seline are twins and they manage to get themselves into situations that seem unbelievable at first. There is a lot of sex and a great deal of frolic but beneath the fun there is a serious side here as well. (I would never disclose what that is so you will just have to read the book). This all has to do with identity and since we live in a world where change is constant we see that is also true with people. One day we know someone as say, Bill and the next day he may be something different altogether.

Our twins, Sebastian and Seline were raised in upper class splendor in South Africa. Their paradise however, has an evil side to it in the form of Grandpa Shake Tyson. They live a life of misery because of him but manage to escape to London and then Europe and the Americas using their bodies to create their own kind of art. There is something very strange about their “art” and it could have to do with their “secret” loves.

We get a look at all kinds of human behavior as Anderson gives us a tongue-in-cheek look at the world in a way we seldom get. As you read you find yourself asking if this is real or is it all put-on and that is the beauty of the book and the author. I am not sure how to take him so I do it as a laugh and hope that I am correct. This is like nothing you have ever read before and if you have the chance to read something like it again, you can be pretty sure that it is from the pen of Robin Anderson.

As of right now the book has no American publisher but should soon, Anderson’s comic nature is too good and too wild for only part of the world to enjoy.


Anderson, Robin. “The Gallery”, Createspace.

Dark Fun

Amos Lassen

I discovered Robin Anderson when reading his book “La Di Da Di Bloody Da!” and I loved his sense of humor and writing style. Unfortunately many of his books are not yet available in the United States. We are hoping that soon his entire works will indeed be available.

“The Gallery” is about revenge and a sex crime. Gay gallery owner, Raymond Bartholomew, sets up a revenge themed show on the internet. No one was more surprised with the success that Raymond himself and he profited greatly financially. However, before he can even begin to enjoy his new wealth, something very strange begins to happen. The subjects of the show begin to die by very strange circumstances. Of course there is suspicion that one person is responsible for this and everyone seems to have an opinion as to who the murderer is. It is at this point that you meet one of the strangest cast of characters to appear on the printed page (they are almost as dysfunctional as the characters in the Old Testament).

I love black humor and here there is plenty of it. Anderson tells a story that is both erotic and compelling but I am not going to say another word about the plot at risk of giving something away. I simply will tell you to add Robin Anderson’s books to your wish list and get happy for a wonderful reading experience.




Anderson, Robin. “Red Snapper”, Createspace.

Drapes Make it Happen

Amos Lassen

It has been said that a room without drapes is unfinished and I have heard almost the same when referring to men—foreskin makes the man. Whatever you believe, some men just don’t feel well dressed without drapes. One such person is James Augustine-Jones, the hero of Robin Anderson’s “Red Snapper”. James is your classic Englishman—blonde, talented, rich and has that ever so cute British accent. He also is loaded with sex appeal. He has a lover and best friend, David Prior and the two are very much alike—walking sex. However…

James is missing something (his living room has no drapes). He realized he was minis a foreskin when as a teen he saw Michelangelo’s David in Florence (of course he did not know that Michelangelo had erred with that statue. David was King of the Jews and by Jewish law all Jewish men part with their drapes eight days after birth—but who I am to argue with one of the greatest artists of all time; if he wanted his David to have drapes, so be it. After all, his Moses has horns). James felt deprived and he hated his parents for having him cut. At just about the same time, a series of attacks began in the gay areas of London and things continued to get worse until a very handsome policeman enters the fray and James finds his life becoming more and more difficult especially when he decided that if he didn’t have drapes, neither should anyone else.

Reading “Red Snapper” is similar to going on a roller coaster ride but beginning in a bathroom stall where the body of a young man is found mutilated and hitting curves and the highs and the lows all over the world.

If you love gore, this is a book for you and if you love a black comedy this is also for you. Anderson is a terrific writer and we can only hope that all of his books will be available in the States. I found “Red Snapper” to be a total escape for me and somewhat of a guilty pleasure—I did not stop reading even though I have a stack of reviews to write and not enough time to do it. But the book pulled me and kept me going from page one.

A personal note–having been raised Jewish and then moving to Israel, we rarely saw a man who was draped. But now that I am in Arkansas where we have many rural farm boys, there are more drapes than an interior decorator’s studio. I understand all to well what James felt and Shakespeare called “the unkindest cut of all”.


Anderson, Robin. “The Grin Reaper”, Createspace.

Quite a Cast of Characters

Amos Lassen

It seems that every time I review a Robin Anderson title, I end up using the same phrases. Once again, I am forced to say that I do not know how he consistently turns out books that are so well written and that are so much fun to read. He has yet to repeat himself and if I have to find something in common between all of his books, it is unquestionable his ability to give us the wildest characters we will ever meet.

In “The Grin Reaper” we meet scriptwriter Oliver and cohort, actor Jamie who suspect that their newest discovery Kurt is not only sleeping with them but with their fathers as well. Oliver and Jamie are out for revenge and like we are told revenge is best when is boiling hot. I doubt it could get much hotter than it does here. It helps that the characters are very angry but it gets much hotter as we meet some high school bullies, a very hot porn star, a hot film headed for Cannes and so on. Like other Robin Anderson novels we travel and we laugh and deal with sensitive issues like marriage, fashion, love, divorce and blackmail.

What always surprises me is that I have been reading and reviewing Anderson for about six years now and I can never guess what his newest book is about but I am quite sure that I will love it. When one reads as much as I do, this is not a simple statement to make. He is able to use his British humor in the most unlikely situations and this is not something we often see. I love the subtitle of this book:

“Madness, murder, and mayhem ensue, along with love, lust, and a dash of blackmail”. If you have all of that going on in a novel, how can you lose?



Anderson, Robin. “Triple Oh Heaven!” (La Di Da Di Bloody Da! Series), Createspace, 2014.

Robin Anderson Is Back (With the Girls)

Amos Lassen

It has been quite a while since Robin Anderson has sent me a new book. For someone who is so prolific, even a week seems like a long time. In his “Las Di Da Di Bloody Da!” series, of which is a part, we re-meet ) or meet if this is your first read by Anderson the lovely drag queens Miz M and Miz K who once again are in the midst of a web of “political chaos and intrigue”. The two lovelies were hired by the Cyclopes Agency and the British government and headed to Vulgaria, an unknown country to be judges for a very strange beauty pageant.

This turns out to be something less than a pleasure trip when they meet up with some old enemies like Slit-Eye Sly and Svetlana Orlov but they also had a chance to find some new allies such as Count Rudi and Count Rudi Vernacular. Before anyone knew it they were faced with an unusual challenge. Kaiser, “the Crippler”, Kalisnakov has a plan to rule the world after he takes it over though germ warfare and stopping the oil supply. Their mission was to reinstate the ex-President of Vulgaria, “Butch” Boyko Borscht, to the position that was his. Our two “transvestites of taste, never tackiness” have to deal with some really undesirable types that include the aforementioned Kaiser and his glib accomplice Zorodic Zool. This is a rollicking adventure with an ending that I doubt anyone could ever predict.

In the words the author, “ All it will take is a steady aim, a cattle prod, two elephants, a running supply of champagne and crème de menthe, and the Three Muff-keteers”!

“Bobette” by Robin Anderson—”The Ups and Downs of a Total (Male) Tart”


Anderson, Robin. “Bobette”, Createspace, 2014

“The Ups and Downs of a Total (Male) Tart”

Amos Lassen

If you love a good story that will make you laugh, than here is one for you. We are with Bobette for some sixty years and learn his story. We first meet Bobette under strange circumstances (which you will have to discover yourselves. His adventures make a superhero look mild. From, humble beginnings Bobette makes his way to London, Los Angeles and Sri Lanka and becomes an impresario in his field (you may ask what field is that and I say read the book).

If you have read Robin Anderson in the past then you know about the colorful characters he creates and if you have not read Anderson, the time has come to start. Like the characters, the plot is wild and crazy and full of Anderson’s trademark camp.

There is Rupert Etherton-Symthe who is an important character in the life of our hero as well as Amelda Anchorage, Daphne Slant and Rip Redwood among others.

I doubt you will ever meet another like this or that you will stop laughing after you have closed the covers of this book.


Anderson, Robin. “ROOTIN! TOOTIN! KHAMUN!”, Createspace, 2014.

Robin Anderson Does It Again

Amos Lassen

I have never been able to figure out how Robin Anderson can be so prolific—he seems to have books coming out the time and each is an excellent read. “Rootin! Tootin! Khamun!” is his seventh book in his series that began with “Lah De Dah Di Bloody Dah”, the adventures of Miz M and Miz K, two transvestites of class, style and taste (at least that is how he describes them). These gals have the knack for getting themselves into some of the worst situations possible. This novel plats with the concept of time and I am going the books blurb since it is well put and much than I could say it.

“The saying “What goes around comes around” does so with a vengeance when a parade of characters from 2014 BC decide – much to the consternation of dashing archaeologist DOUGLAS “DIGGER” GOWDOWN – to reappear in 2014 AD”. Douglas has the aid of the 2 Miz’s and also of their new best friend Athena Bermondsy-Bumper and together they face a very serious challenge unlike anything they have ever experienced before.

So you ask, “What adventure is that?” and I am here to you about some of it. The evil oracle, Evilsut, with help from Acropolet who aids, abets and abides decides that the time has come for Egypt to dispose of Price Tetatet who is a serious plotter and who along with his noxious, nasty and notorious uncle, Hatchttet. They have been involved in all kinds of plans and schemes and now it seems that have reincarnated themselves in the person of King Solomon and have sided with him. If you have ever read Robin Anderson you know that he always has a cast of characters that is usually wild, funny and keeps us reading.

Here we have Svetlana in an AD role as Solomon’s Sheba, Nazari, a narcissistic show-off who rides around in a pink Rolls Royce convertible. There are Sagheer, Khabeer and Freddie Foxtrot who has light fingers. Our wonderful trio of ladies are soon in the midst of an unbelievable sandstorm and seek refuge in a tomb where they find four towering and jewel-encrusted gold obelisks in the tomb that really never was (you might have to read that sentence a few times). From this point on everything spirals downward. To make matters zanier, even more characters are introduced–four love birds, “the ancient Kartoom and his eternal companion Wanket, along the athletic Ashai and his lotus-like Tahirah”. Now you may wonder how we keep all these characters straight—we don’t; there is nothing straight here. Now I have one thing to add here and again I am borrowing from Robin Anderson’s one sentence blurb that is going to become a classic in literature (or somewhere):

“As CLEOPATRA said with a g’asp, ‘Never rile the Nile!’”

Where in the world did the author come up with those names? Spell check went wild over them.

“Ceruse: A Cover-Up Extraordinaire” by Robin Anderson—Hell Bent on Revenge


Anderson, Robin. “Ceruse: A Cover-Up Extraordinaire”, Createspace, 2014.

Hell Bent on Revenge

Amos Lassen

Here we go with another Robin Anderson adventure that includes two male models, a Sophia Loren lookalike, a vindictive international photographer, a garrotte, a mysterious white paste and Queen Elizabeth the First. Now once you saw that list of characters I would not even have to tell you who wrote this book—Anderson always manages to get together the unlikely and the fantastic. The plot has something to do with revenge—-it seems that there is this agent who is determined to get back at someone for something. We are not sure what.

There are clues everywhere and we only know that whatever it is it has to do with “raunch” and “universal” so going to Venice and/or to jungles in the Amazon makes for no never mind. There is this art student who finds acrimony much more interesting than art and what about that Sophia Loren double?

Blame it all on the words RAUNCH or UNIVERSAL, otherwise why and how do the paths of an agent – hell bent on revenge – two males models, a Sophia Loren lookalike, a vindictive international photographer, a garrotte, a mysterious, white paste and Queen Elizabeth the First inevitably cross and sometimes double cross?

One clue may lie in Venice, another in Udaipur or even the Amazon jungle, but it all follows a vicious encounter between the Sophia Loren lookalike and an art student more interested in the delights of acrimony than art.

Add to this a champion “rugger bugger,” a fashion designer with a chip on his shoulder bigger than any “Dynasty” shoulder pad and the nail biting “fun” starts to unravel!

I cannot say anymore about the plot without spoiling the read so just get a copy, sit back and enjoy.



Anderson, Robin. “Neos Helios”, Createspace

“Murder, Mystery, Mayhem”

Amos Lassen

I have said it before and I will say it again. I do not know how Robin Anderson turns out one good book after another but he does and he sure knows how to keep this reviewer busy (and never bored). Now Anderson ventures into reincarnation. Two evil Roman emperors, Neos Helios (The New Sun) and Elagabalus (The Sun God) have returned to life and continue their war and the activity becomes modern with the introduction of Timothy Tremble and Robert Barton and a war to rival all wars ensures. I can’t tell
you anymore about the plot except that these characters are unlike any you have ever read about. This is a story of revenge told with ironic, sardonic humor that is a fun read that opens with the sentence, “Describe your ultimate wet dream” and that is just beginning.

In other reviews of Anderson’s novels, I have mentioned that the writer has the ability to develop characters that are great fun to read about and this novel indeed proves that. When you have a wild cast of characters and a “crazy” that are held together by excellent writing, then we get quite a read as Robin Anderson gives us here.



Anderson, Robin. “Skull Buggery”, Createspace

“Mayhem, Macabre and Misadventure”

Amos Lassen

Those of you who read my reviews know that I have a special affinity for the writings of Robin Anderson and that I review everything he writes. I have made it my goal to see that other people are able to gain the enjoyment from his writing that I do. You can imagine my surprise when I opened his newest book, “Skull Buggery” and saw that he dedicated to me and this is one of the highest honors I have ever received. I have only “met” Robin via emails that I send him after I post a review of something he has written so this really came as a surprise. Quite naturally I am going to give this book a brilliant review but that would have happened anyway as Anderson has a special skill of writing books that not only draw me in but that usually make me laugh as I read and to me that is really something.

Our main characters here are Dick Turpin and his partner, Ned Rust who ride together as Skelton (Skull) Asquit and Andy (Anaconda) Miller. This boyhood game became one they played as adults but the stakes were completely different. Now the “game” includes “intrigue, amiability, avarice and betrayals” that tests friendship and revenge enters the picture. (So you say, what is funny about this?–Hold on!!).

Misadventures consisting of outrageous happenings begin to occur and things just get wild (as often happens with Robin Anderson).
We enter the world of high fashion and big money as we travel around the world from the Orient to the Caribbean to Venice and we eat fantastic food that turns out to be more than it appears and the fun begins.

With a cast of unforgettable characters that include Lavina (Labby), Chan (Panda Bear), Desmond (Desdemona), Teddy (Beddy), Gloriosa Gonada, Charlie, Big Dirk Du Toit and the glamorous wannabe Loadsa and many more, we go on a trip of hilarious happenings and you do not want to miss this.



Anderson, Robin. “Maharajas, Mystics & Masala”, Createspace

“Transvestites of Taste”

Amos Lassen

There are drag queens and there are transvestites and sometimes the differences between them are like the differences between night and day. Miz Miranda Maracona and Miz Kookie Kombuis let us know that they, unlike drag queens, are tasteful (and you know if someone tells you that they have taste, then… [you know the rest]). These two find themselves in all kinds of crazy situations and if you read Anderson’s “La Di Da Di Bloody Da”, you know what I mean. The girls are back and things get wild when they take n the mission of saving an “African Safari Park” from ivory poachers and before you can count to three, they are in India.

Like in all of his novels, Anderson gives us an unforgettable cast of characters and here we meet Maharajah Muchkokforsur (the “munificent”), lovers Indira and Mahon, Ramatuli, consort to the Maharaja and many more. Throw in our trannies and we have a story you will not soon forget and madness is everywhere as you can imagine when you bring our two dignified ladies together to face testosterone and tusks.

I have no idea how Robin Anderson thinks of plots like these but he sure better not stop. His humor is sardonic, ironic and oh so much fun. I have lost count of how many books he has written now but I have reviewed more than twenty and Anderson just keeps getting better.


Anderson, Robin. “Swallow Dive”, CreateSpace, 2015.

Another Laugh Fest

Amos Lassen

If you follow my reviews, you are aware that I have reviewed many Robin Anderson titles. I have figured out how Anderson does it—he has written books in almost every genre and rarely falls back on himself (when he does it is with recurring characters or in series). His originality knows no bounds and you can be always sure of several good laughs in Anderson’s books.

Just the other day I realized that I have not read anything new from him in quite a while but that changed quickly with the arrival of the mailman and Anderson’s new book , “Swallow Dive”. I have learned that reading an Anderson book is best done all at once so I cleared my day and sat down to read.

Barely into the book, I meet Rodney Swallow an aggressive entrepreneur who stops at nothing to get what he wants sees and whose middle name is “Ruthless”. Robert Crozier is a young actor filled with more ambition than talent and who Rodney has the ability to mold into whatever we wants. Robert and Alfie Quinn, a young artist and Zin, a fashionista have come together and are not ready to take a swallow dive into obscurity. Following Rodney’s ages of man (which he has reduced from seven to four) they reached stage three, the diving platform, and they plan to stay there for a while. Whether they do or not depends on all kinds of variables but especially on the other characters in the novel. There is the Machiavellian Chetwin Godwin (did I mention that Anderson characters have the best names going in the world of fiction?) who is both a producer and director. Samuel Khayetlisha (Mr.) of South Africa, Norman Wray, a restaurant owner with a penchant for vodka, Richard “Dickie” Dunkett, a very good-looking dilettante and Magda Mamazulon, owner of a gallery are other characters we meet here. (Lots of characters with unpronounceable names is an Anderson characteristic). This group is determined to destroy the three shameless social climbers. Basically the story is set in England but we do take trips to Monte Carlo and Italy. Just a note—reading Anderson makes you feel like you are on a trip but not the kind that travel companies plan.

There is a dark side here that provides dark humor and when mixed in with author Anderson’s prose and whacky situations, we get quite a read which I have no intention of spoiling for you. Get the book, you will not be sorry. Maybe you can also pick up copies of the other 34 Robin Anderson titles.

Anderson, Robin. “Too Good to Be True”, Robin Anderson, 2015.

Mayhem, Macabre and Misadventure

Amos Lassen

Those of you who read my reviews know that I have a special affinity for the writings of Robin Anderson and that I review everything he writes. I have made it my goal to see that other people are able to gain the enjoyment from his writing that I do. You can imagine my surprise when I opened his newest book, “Skull Buggery” and saw that he dedicated to me and this is one of the highest honors I have ever received. I have only “met” Robin via emails that I send him after I post a review of something he has written so this really came as a surprise. Quite naturally I am going to give this book a brilliant review but that would have happened anyway as Anderson has a special skill of writing books that not only draw me in but that usually make me laugh as I read and to me that is really something.

“Too Good to Be True”, Dick Turpin (I have not come across that name since Stephen Sondheim’s “Sweeney Todd”) and Ned Rusk, his faithful sidekick are our heroes but under the names of Skelton (Skull) Asquit and Andy (Anaconda) Miller. They find that the innocence of their lives has been taken over by intrigue, avarice, lies and betrayal.

They soon find themselves as characters in some outrageous happenings in the worlds of big money and high fashion as they travel around the world from the Orient to the Caribbean to Venice and we eat fantastic food that turns out to be more than it appears and the fun begins.

With a cast of unforgettable characters that include Lavina (Labby), Chan (Panda Bear), Desmond (Desdemona), Teddy (Beddy), Gloriosa Gonada, Charlie, Big Dirk Du Toit and the glamorous wannabe Loadsa and many more, we go on a trip of hilarious happenings and you do not want to miss this.

I have always regretted the death of camp so I am glad to see that Anderson breathes a bit of life back into it. It is Anderson’s wonderful storytelling ability that gives us not just camp but this crazy cast of characters. It all starts off when Lady Angelica (Angina) gives birth to her son, Skelton and lets out a scream heard around the world. While everything is somewhat predictable it makes no difference because the real fun of the book is not looking for the end but reading about how we get there.

aliens and arabesques

Anderson, Robin. “Aliens & Arabesques – Blast Off!”, (LA DI DA DI BLOODY DA! Book 8), CreateSpace. 2016.

They’re Back!!!!!

Amos Lassen

Robin Anderson’s two wildly entertaining transvestites – Miz Miranda Maracona (the mouthy and grossly endowed white one) and Miz Kookie Kombuis (the outrageous black one) who own an agency for “men with special needs” in London at Soho’s Old Crompton Street are back. This is the eighth volume in their series that is known as “LA DI DA DI BLOODY DA!”

The “girls” are proud of their multiple physical gifts and they compete with each other for attention from gentlemen callers. Their stories have something for everyone: assassins, lovers, intrigue, sophistication, divided loyalties, humor and they are great fun.

Our heroes are “transvestites of taste”. . Miz Miranda and Miz Kookie find themselves in all kinds of strange situations that include intrigue and plenty sex. Everything seems to happen very quickly and it is amazing that the author could keep the humor up with the action. But there is a lot of everything here and at times I had to slow my reading to keep up with the story. We are plunged into a world that most of us have no idea that it exists. Anderson gives us over-the-top characters who become involved in over-the-top situations that happen at over-the-top speed. Everything here is hyper and I loved that.

It is the girls intention to put a tranny in the works every chance they get. We meet the bad-tempered Lord Ashley Milkslopp, Vladimir Balsawich (Baddy Vladdy), an oligarch from old Russia, Daman “Dinky” Diamond, an interior designer, Luke Warm, an American astronaut, Count Bruno Fornicatori, an aristocratic Italian count, Beijing Brigade, a Gongfu knife wielder, strutting Kim Jong-Un and Svetlana (we always need a Svetlana) Orlov, a very sexy femme fatale. When Miz M and Miz K get together with their boyfriends, Henry Irving Victor (HIV) and Midge Miller a Tom Cruise look alike, anything can happen and does. I am not going to share the adventures because I want you to read and the book and love it as much as I do.

As you can see by the names of the characters, Anderson writes with tongue and cheek, satirizing everything that he can. There are no sacred cows in a Robin Anderson book. If you have never read him here is a place to start and if you have, you know what I am talking about.


Anderson, Robin. “She Married a Zombie Truck Driver & Five other “Trucking” Tales”, CreateSpace, 2016.

Eight Deadly Sins

Amos Lassen

A new book by Robin Anderson is always fun. I do not know how Anderson does it but he is always able to put a smile on my face and good feelings in my heart. “She Married a Zombie Truck Driver…” is a collection of short stories about the now “eight deadly sins”— greed, envy, anger, laziness, gluttony, lust, pride and despondency take us to places of “euphoria and tantalization”. Anderson has updated the traditional sins and added the sin of despondency to make them relevant to today and to make theme stories of wry humor. Because each story is unique and has its own offbeat humor, it makes it impossible to summarize them without spoiling the read. We have quite a cast of characters that includes Claudette Cavil-Carter, a representative of the world of avariciousness and Tom Tattoo Edwards who is there to try to help her take all of what she has with her when her time comes. This is like reading a cookbook of sins with each sin having its own recipe and outcome. Then there is the fact that we get eight sins in six stories that are truly “naughty” (Thank you Grady Harp for finding the word I was looking for).

Reading Anderson is habit forming and I can no longer count how many books I have read, reviewed and relished. His output is so vast and such fun that I have given him his own section on my review site.

Anderson is wonderfully ridiculous and amazingly erudite and sophisticated. His seriousness is not in his plots but in his language and his usage of it to create situations that are off-color is a trait that he owns totally. I love his irreverence and the characters he has created here to reflect that. Don’t take my word for it— have a look for yourselves. You will never regret it.

The stories include “She Married a Zombie Truck Driver”, “The Advert” (yes, Anderson is British), “The Princess Michelin & Mr. Sprat”, “Eighty Six and a Half Percent”, “Four & Twenty Blackbirds” and “Seeing is Not Believing”.


Anderson, Robin. “Jan Unleashed!”, CreateSpace, 2016.

Pure Camp

Amos Lassen

There was a time when camp was an important part of LGBT literature and after enjoying several years of popularity, it faded into oblivion for a while. But then there is Robin Anderson who always manages to bring it back and he does so with grace, style and a lot of laughs.

When Jan VB Perdoza’s has a chance meeting with legendary photographer Bazil Bruno, things go wild. Jan who was once a “dumpy schoolgirl” rises to become an international star international star and Author Robin Anderson brings us her story and the story of her friends Denny, French artist Francois Bruno and Harry. Jan takes us around the world in more ways than one as she meets and “meats” horny bullfighters, wild sitar players, unabashed taxi drivers, “an unsuspecting pool man, a President” and more as she ignites lust and sex wherever she goes. As she gets what she wants, she becomes more and more out-of-control and we, the readers, turn pages quickly trying to keep up with her.

Yes, my friends, Anderson knows erotica and how to write it so that is keeps us laughing. He is a master of parody and satire (I am sure Jonathan Swift would wince reading Anderson). Anderson can tell a story that borders on blue literature but he does is so well that we do not realize just how sexy his writing is.

I have been lucky enough to have almost the complete Robin Anderson library so whenever I need a “pickmeup”, all I need to do is pull a book off of the shelf. It looks like “Jan Unleashed” is going to be that book for a while (until the next one comes out).

Anderson, Robin. “I Give You My Heart”, CreateSpace, 2018.

An Unforgettable Character

Amos Lassen

When I was growing up and studying in the New Orleans Public Schools way back when people actually went to public schools, we were required (for English class) to get a subscription to the student edition of “Reader’s Digest”. When each issue arrived I would quickly turn to the article about the most unforgettable character. I wonder now why Robin Anderson was never one of those. By my count he has written some 36 books and he never fails to get a laugh out of me when I read his work. As proficient as he is, it sometimes feels like a long time between books but that is because I read him so quickly. He writes ribald stories that make you laugh and gasp simultaneously.

Now his new book, “I Give You My Heart” is a mixture of comedy and horror but what really defines it is how Anderson writes— it is as if he chose each word specifically for his book. And as ribald as he is, he still writes with a style that is uniquely is. As much as I have thought that I know what to expect, he always manages to surprise me. This time he tells a fairy tale with equal emphasis on the politically incorrect “fairy” and “tale”.

The satire here I about a serial killer and the novels that are written about serial killers. Let me give you advance warning— clear you day before you start to red because once you do, you will be turning pages as quickly as possible and there are 400 plus pages. It all begins on quite a horrible note and although I would love to share that, it would affect your ability to enjoy the read. Pay careful attention to the names of the characters as this is where Anderson excels. His puns and plays on words are stunningly amazing. I am realizing as I write this that the more I write, the less I can say since I do not want to spoil the read for anyone but keep Valentine’s Day in mind. Let me close by saying that I do not want you to get the wrong idea; Anderson is no supercilious writer; he is a serious writer who can write supercilious books.


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