“CIRCUS BOY” — What is Family?


 What is Family?

Amos Lassen


Lester Alfonso’s new documentary “Circus Boy” looks at reconciliation between mother and son. When Thomas and his husband, Michael adopt Ethan a boy that Thomas is training for circus school, he also seeks to mend the burned bridges with his mother who cannot accept his sexuality and life choices.

Thomas believes that the circus is accessible to all people, and he enjoys helping others find their potentials by developing circus skills. Through seventeen different circus disciplines for all age groups coupled with his love of the challenging Cyr Wheel, his goal is quite simply to make others think highly of themselves. Bringing Ethan into the men’s lives, reignites their love for each other but Thomas is nervous about introducing Ethan to his visiting mother, who wants to meet Ethan’s biological mother and speak to her. This is a look at an unconventional family that chooses an alternate way to love and parenthood. The film challenges our social norms and looks at inclusion showing how some can work out their problems through circus arts and gain acceptance.

With the ways that the term family is being redefined, a movie like this is so very important. Above all, we see that love rises above all else.