“THE SWIMMER”— Acceptance and Love


Acceptance and Love

Amos Lassen

Erez (Omer Perelman Striks) is one of five swimmers selected for an elite residential training program where They compete for a single position on the Israeli Olympic team. At first, a favorite, Erez develops an attraction for one of his teammates, Nevo (Asaf Jonas). This arouses the suspicions of Dima, their Russian immigrant homophobic trainer. Ignoring Dima’s warnings against unwholesome attachments, Erez makes a move on Nevo.

Set in a summer training camp, we followa sportsman as he learns how to accept and love himself even with the discriminative tendencies of the high-performance sports environment against LGBTQ sports people. 

Muscular Nevo slowly awakens subconscious homosexual desires in Erez. However, they both have girlfriends and Dima does not want the competitors to have friendships with each other. Dima warns Erez to stay away from Nevo, but Erez can’t help himself. Erez and Nevo hang out together at the camp when not training and Erez clumsily attempts to act upon his feelings.

Directed, produced and written by Adam Kalderon, this is a gentle coming-of-age/coming out story. Omer Perelman Striks gives a fine performance as Erez.