“THE BEST FAMILIES” A Comedy of Manners


A Comedy of Manners

Amos Lassen

Peruvian Director Javier Fuentes-León in “The Best Families” portrays the Lima upper class represented in two families that are neighbors. It can also be seen as a reflection of society anywhere in the world.

The entire story takes place in two mansions linked by a garden, in the center of which is a small house or shed.  The two rich families live in isolation, like in a bubble, in fear of losing their status. There is another family, the two cook sisters who work for them whose efforts to get from their home on the outskirts of Lima to the residential area and we see the abyss that separates them.

Both mothers, Alicia and Carmen (Gracia Olaya and Grapa Paola), are very busy organizing the return of one of the children to present their Spanish girlfriend. Also coinciding with the birthday of one of them.

 This is not only a movie of entanglement, it is a deep reflection. It is complex, set in a world as macho as that of Latin America. And not only there, but also in other parts of the world. The best families perfectly portrays the secrets and miseries jealously guarded between an unjust class struggle.

“The Best Families” is a  black comedy that reminds us that the old upstairs-downstairs indulgent lifestyles are a thing of the past. As the story unfolds, it seems that everyone in the two families and their staff led by fiercely competitive matriarchs are hiding their own secrets.